Woman’s Intuition & Relationships

You are intuitive. You know that time when you had a feeling that something was off in a relationship, or that a big change was coming at work? What about the time you just knew that you were forgetting something but couldn’t remember what, until you got to the gas station and didn’t have your wallet? How often have you thought about an old friend and then suddenly see or hear from them?

Your intuition shows itself to you in many forms, but like most things, if it doesn’t happen in loud, glamorous Cable TV style, it is often ignored or minimized.

  • All intuitive experiences share some common features, whether you are John Edwards or Jane Doe.
  • Intuition is Subtle- it is the almost dismissed impression in the back of your mind.
  • Intuition is often unexpected- it does not follow the logical train of thought but seems to chime in from left field.
  • Intuition is symbolic- it communicates through images, sensations, impressions, or gut feelings, but is often not literal. That is why you may have a sense that “something is wrong” but you don’t have a play by play account of what will happen.
  • Intuition is persistent- a nagging feeling that seems to interrupt your plans is often your intuition trying to tell you something.

A few things Intuition is NOT

  • Loud. Seldom will intuition show up in a dynamic way to get your attention. Intuition is more like a small hand written sign for a yard sale as opposed to a billboard or neon light.
  • Racing thoughts/anxiety/other emotions. This is a tough one to tease out and just takes practice and faith. Racing thoughts, persistent anxieties and obsessive thoughts are more mentally based than intuitively based in most cases. The difference between persistent intuitive nudges and obsessive/anxious thoughts is like the difference between someone who persistently taps you on your shoulder to get attention as opposed to someone who gets in your face and makes a scene.
  • Emotional imbalance/psychological imbalance. Intuitive experiences may signal you to take caution, pay attention, slow down, take action, or delay action, but they are inherently survival based and will not signal you to do dangerous things.
  • A surefire way to avoid pain or disappointment. Intuition does not spare you from life’s surprises, it helps you navigate them.

So how can this help improve relationships?

When you trust your gut, you know how to navigate through relationships without putting all the pressure on him to be perfect so you can trust him. Intuition also implies faith, which is a must in any relationship. Intuition is not about ego, and ego can undermine relationships. Intuitive energy becomes a life blood in healthy relationships, where ego easily fails.

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