Welcome to the Crossroads

Welcome to the Crossroads. The murky, mystical, frustrating place between the comfort of what was familiar and the void of unknown possibilities. The realm of “holy cow! What next?” preceded by some event which you would have sworn could never happen to you.


Loss of a job or career.

Some life changing event has taken place, and here you are, wondering who am I? What do I do now? Where do I go next?

Here you are, wondering how it will be possible to rebuild life when you can no longer get to wear the ‘name tag’ that defined you.

Like the name tags I once wore. Clinical social worker, professional, avid reader, Type A personality, all replaced with a new set of labels following a pedestrian-car accident. My new name tags included the diagnosis of Brain Injury. So much for the life I thought I was going to live.

Yet just as you are already rebuilding a new life, manifesting a new reality and expanding your awareness of who you are on numerous levels, I too found a new path at the crossroads. A path with new name tags such as Intuitive Reader, Empowerment Coach, and Author of the new book, Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down (Conari, 2018).

Queen Up is designed for people at the crossroads, and brings readers on a journey of self discovery based on our connection to the four elemental energies within personified by the four Tarot Queens.

Somehow in the midst of grieving life as it was and fearing life as it will become, we find, within transitional experiences, hidden strengths that help us redefine who we are and refine our path.

Transition can be a scary time, but it is also a time for healing. A time when we revision what is possible for ourselves and our lives. What if you didn’t have to conform to the limitations of life as you knew it? What if this time of change is an opportunity for you to rediscover who you are when you remove the ‘name tags’ given to you by family, friends or society? The archetypal Tarot Queens represent four distinct elemental energies which we all embody to different degrees.

We can employ various tools to consciously connect with each of the Queens and harness their energies within ourselves and in nature. We can, for example, connect with our assertive inner ‘Warrior’ by working with the Queen of Swords within when we need to amplify this energy in our lives.

Please join me at Circles of Wisdom for a Queen Up! workshop open to people at the crossroads who would like to learn how to tap into the energies of the four Tarot Queens to cultivate the powers of Creativity (Queen of Wands), Confidence (Queen of Swords), Love (Queen of Cups) and Abundance (Queen of Pentacles).

For more information and to register visit https://www.circlesofwisdom.com/workshops/events-workshops/sp/queen-up-workshop-for-women-at-the-crossroads/

I also look forward to guiding you personally with a private Intuitive reading on September 14th at Circles of Wisdom. For details or to register click here: