Venus Rx- Revisiting Relationships Wounds & Lessons



On October 5th, Venus began a retrograde period which will last 40 days and bring the energy of this planet into connection with the archetypal powers of the signs She transits. Her retrograde begins in Scorpio and ends in Libra on November 15th.  During this time, the areas of life associated with Venus, specifically love, comfort, attraction and money (She represents how we convey value and what we value) will face challenges.

As is the case with any retrograde, these challenges are actually healing opportunities and chances to review, revise and revision the patterns we have found ourselves immersed in. Significant others from the past may resurface, we may doubt our present relationships or feel as if passionate love relationships have hit a dead end. During this time we may question our relationship choices. Fortunately, this is also a time when our illusions about love will be replaced with clarity. If you have been confusing lust with love, or codependency with a healthy relationship, situations will come about that offer a view of the truth.

And the truth can be painful.

This is a key opportunity to embrace the lessons of the Goddess of Love as she pulls back the curtain to reveal the core issues that have plagued you in love and relationships. Take notes, these lessons may be painful but will also release you from unhealthy dynamics and prevent you from making the same mistakes again and again.

This is also an important time to take stock of that which you value. Money, assets and other resources that bring comfort and pleasure into your life. If you have been careless with these resources, Venus Retrograde offers the opportunity to take stock and make changes.

In relationships of all kinds, old conflicts left unresolved will resurface. This is an opportunity for closure and growth. Be mindful not to repeat what has not been working.

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