Tina Zion’s New Book Advanced Medical Intuition is a Call to Awaken All Healers


Recently I had the honor of getting to read a review copy of Advanced Medical Intuition, the upcoming book by world renowned Medical Intuitive Tina Zion.  I love Zion’s style and approach. Although she comes from a family where being intuitive was normal and was fortunate that her gifts were accepted and nurtured early on, she wholeheartedly believes that connection with Spirit is as natural as breathing.

Advanced Medical Intuition is the follow up to Zion’s previous book Becoming a Medical Intuitive. I found it to be comprehensive enough to suit individuals at the beginner or advanced levels although I would also recommending her first book as a means of attaining basic understanding for those brand new to understanding their intuition.

In Advanced Medical Intuition, Zion covers a wide variety of topics ranging from acceptance and empowerment of all people as intuitive, but also a special call to action for those who feel called to share this gift as healers. She explores what it means to heal from an energetic standpoint and common barriers to healing. Advanced Medical Intuition is a straightforward, practical and comprehensive guide to working with Spirit for the sake of intuiting root causes of dis-ease and helping clients facilitate healing. Zion is also clear about the role of the healer, and writes from a place of integrity and ethics which are essential yet sometimes overlooked components of training manuals that often focus only on technique.

If you are seeking a holistic perspective on the nature of illness to empower your own healing process, if you have felt the calling to serve others as a healer in any modality, or if you want to increase your connection to your team of healing ‘specialists’ in Spirit and refine your skills as a Light Worker, Tina Zion’s new book Advanced Medical Intuition is an essential part of your tool box.

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