The World is Your Oracle

While meeting with friends on several occasions this week, Spirit spoke to me.

Spirit spoke to  me through the words of 3 very different women, on 3 very different occasions. None of them would call themselves “Psychic Mediums” and although I felt extremely grateful for hearing Spirit speak to me through these women, they continued along through our ordinary conversation as if they had not just channeled wisdom I have been looking for.

Last night while reading a library book, Spirit spoke to me again. This time, Spirit spoke to me through the writing of a Stephen King biographer. She would no doubt be shocked if she heard that her book brought me into connection with answers I had been seeking.

Am I crazy? Well, that is debatable.

Am I special?


Spirit  has been speaking to you as well. To all of us. All the time. In ways we don’t always expect.

If I sat around waiting for a person in a robe and sandals to give me Spirit’s message, I may be disappointed.

Then again, in Albany you never know.

If I sat around waiting for a holographic image of a ghost to tell me what I need to know, I will likewise be disappointed, or incredibly bored at least.

We are a part of the essence of Spirit so there has never been a disconnection, except at times, in our own minds. If we are willing to “listen” via the senses and an awareness to receive, guidance from Spirit is always tumbling forward.

Don’t let me get all high and mighty and give you the impression that I always listen, I don’t. As my boyfriend will tell you, I am stubborn!

Here are some reasons I sometimes don’t want to hear the guidance I am being given:


Spirit connection is subtle energy and takes a backseat in most cases to the loud, bold, and in-your-face energy of the Ego. If I have my mind made up, and if I am not open to other possibilities, I will not perceive them. Even if I can perceive them, I will ignore them. Sound familiar?

The need to be in control is also a challenge. The illusion of control is reassuring and allows me to (falsely) believe that I get to dictate how things operate. Great, except that I don’t! If I make space for other potential, however, I am also creating space for potential beyond my limited expectations.


Remember being 3 and being afraid that if you didn’t get your way the whole world would end? Now remember being 30 and feeling the same way? Fear is normal and there is no way to totally avoid it, however fear also limits the ability to hear “around” the Ego. We can’t get past the need to control and open up to Spirit guidance if fear is a focus. Fear also places the burden of knowing, having, and doing it all on the shoulders of the individual which naturally disconnects the individual from Spirit.

Language Barrier

Spirit does not only speak to us on “special” occasions, nor does Spirit only speak to uniquely “gifted” people.

Spirit communicates in the language of energy, vibration and symbol.

Clients often ask me “why doesn’t Spirit just come right out with it?” but Spirit does communicate directly, just not verbally.

Perhaps it is we humans who are indirect. After all, any therapist will tell you communication has little to do with words and more to do with tone, facial expression and body language.

Messages from Spirit are thus conveyed through sensation, perception, synchronicity, symbolism. Also through dreams, although dreams are often symbolic and not literal.

The natural world is also filled with potential oracles and various cultures embrace “reading” energy through connection with plants, animals, the direction of the wind, the placement of the stars and planets etc. If these elements of nature produce their own energetic language, why can’t other seemingly unrelated but symbolically connected occurrences?

So if you are plagued by an uncertainty, ask your guides for help. Then wait, be open and remain receptive to answers in many forms.

For more information on connecting with Spirit via your intuition and the world around you, contact me to learn about connecting with your Inner Queen and living intuitively.