The Queens are Coming!

It was more than a year ago that Spirit began to nudge me in the direction of working differently with the archetypes of Tarot to help women change their lives. I had no shortage of requests for psychic readings and Tarot Parties, and there is certainly no shortage of New Age literature, Self Help books and transformational 4 queens

But something was missing. 

Intuitive Readings are a fabulous tool for self discovery, guidance and clarity, but what about the moments when you need to trust your OWN intuition rather than waiting for someone else to be the translator between you and Spirit?

Self Esteem building is great, but is often employed via strategies that actually backfire! At best, these strategies help people emphasize the gifts they recognize. What about your HIDDEN TALENTS? The gifts you only know you have in those “sink or swim” moments?

Mentors are cool, but following a Mentor is another example of seeking guidance, identity and validation from an outside source.

Most of what we claim to know about ourselves is the result of the evaluations, beliefs and attitudes of others. Women in particular define themselves through others’ needs. In times of transition or crisis, women are faced with the challenge of finding or recreating their identity without the “name tag” given by others.

  • If you are a woman who is at a personal crossroads between past and future
  • If you are a woman who is ready to discover who you really are, and can be, when you draw on your full potential
  • If you are a woman who desires transformation, healing, understanding, confidence
  • If you are ready to embrace your strengths, honor your Shadow, and trust your Intuition again
  • You are ready to Discover Your Inner Queen

Inner Queen Mystical Path to Empowerment for Women is a Journey in a Journal providing real everyday women like you with the real tools to access your full power and potential to RULE in any situation.

There are 4 faces of Female Power and they all reside within YOU.

The Power of the Queen Within belongs to the people. A crowdfunding campaign will be coming soon to help ensure that every woman who desires to finally discover her true potential, value, power and passion can do so. Will you help spread the word? Contact Angela at or visit for details.