The “M” Word Will Not Make Your Hands Furry….

Isn’t it time we embraced the “M” word?

It is not a sin to do the “M” word.
It won’t make you go blind, nor will it put hair on your palms.

It’s a great way to make use of time alone, and even though it is often a solitary activity, the “M” word can work wonders for your relationship!
The M word brings you closer to Spirit. It’s good for your health and can help relieve frustration and anxiety.

I practice the “M” word at least once a day, and I have done it in most of the rooms in my house, in my car, and even at the gym.

The “M” word makes me feel great, and just last night a complete stranger remarked that my skin looked so healthy and clear. I must be doing something right!

In case you are wondering, I am referring to MEDITATION!

There are so many ways to meditate and so many benefits, that no one needs to feel left out!

Meditation is not the process of emptying your mind. It is the process of awakening your awareness. It need not be a silent, stoic practice. Some meditate to music or guided recordings like those I send out twice a month in my newsletter (subscribe on my site and we can do the M word together!)

Some use art as meditation, others walk, some slip in to meditation while sewing or gardening. Some through writing. It is not the act of daydreaming carelessly, but of becoming mindful, intentionally. It doesn’t matter what you wear or how long you do it, a little of the M word goes a long way!

The idea of meditation scares many people who believe they must maintain long, uncomfortable bouts of silence and this is a myth! There are many ways to experience the joys and pleasure of the “M” word. One of the ways I help women to explore their connection to Spirit through meditation is through connection to their Inner Queen. Inner Queen kits and reflective journals will be available soon. Through journaling, recorded meditations and even the simple act of visualization and connection to the image of the 4 Queens who represent the 4 aspects of divine feminine power, women everywhere are getting their “M” word on. Won’t you join us?

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