Spirituality and Imperfection

A client recently expressed her frustration with her perceived inability to integrate spiritual principles into her practical life. She has been a seeker of personal transformation for a number of years and has made tremendous gains in connecting to her higher purpose and changing her outlook on life and relationships.

Yet like many of us she still felt she wasn’t “getting it”.

She felt that since she would occasionally revert into old patterns she must be doing it all “wrong”.

Her perceived “crimes against enlightenment”?

Being human, and having normal human drives, emotions and reactions.

We have come to believe that spiritual integrity is synonymous with a lifestyle of purity, perfection, wisdom and grace in all situations. We have come to regard enlightenment as flawlessness, and human nature as weakness.

How can even the topic of spirituality come to such black and white distortions?

Because it is in the interests of certain spiritual “gurus” to carry the false image that attaining understanding and releasing illusions leads to a steady state of abundance, wisdom, happiness and harmony.

The first dis-service done by those who carry this message is that a steady state of any kind is possible. It is not. Emotion, attitude, belief, reality are comprised of energy which is always flowing and is changeable.

The second dis-service done by those who carry the message is that it is by nature unattainable. Souls in human form are subject to human drives and emotions. It has become part of pop-spirituality to believe that the normal drives of anger, the normal experience of fears, are somehow impurities of the soul which should be battled with happy thoughts and affirmations until the emotional “demons” have been exorcised.

This thinking not only invalidates the importance of recognizing the experience in the moment, good or bad, it sets an unrealistic precedent of perfectionism.

It has become popular to speak of higher consciousness in a way which conveys more of a spiritual “one-upmanship” than spiritual connection. It takes courage to express human vulnerability, yet how often is this expression met with a quick reply of “well if you would only meditate more you wouldn’t have that problem, would you?”

Even if that would be the solution, we are quick to draw the guns of self righteousness and slow to identify that there are certain processes we all have in common, and some of them do not smell like roses.

So let me clear the air once and for all. As an Ordained Minister, Reiki trained healer, Certified Intuitive Consultant, and Coach:

I lose my temper, like everyone else. I can be selfish. I have fears. I have irrational beliefs which surface to interfere with my life periodically. I enjoy saying the F-word. I enjoy doing the F-word with one particular person. I sometimes have a hard time meditating because I am distracted thinking about the same stuff everyone else thinks about. I periodically ignore my intuition in favor of what my ego wants. I get mad, and when I do I sometimes act immature, and other times I take action and blog, and sometimes I do the former in order to help get to the latter.  I believe in the afterlife and connect with Spirit frequently, and even though I still know my deceased loved ones are with me, I am scared as hell of the day when someone I love passes into Spirit.

See? You don’t have to become a robot of righteousness in order to maintain a spiritual connection.

Besides, we can see through the robot facade, you wouldn’t be fooling anyone!

Want to learn more about the how the variety of juicy, passionate, soulful energy of Divine Female Power can bring you into alignment with your Higher Self and purpose, without sacrificing your “humanity”? Contact me to learn more about taking the Mystical Path to Empowerment and discovering your Inner Queen. Intuitiveangela@gmail.comQueen of Swords canva 2