Review of Heathrash Amara’s New Book Awaken Your Inner Fire (If you are a spiritual person who does too much, read this…)

Guidebooks abound for women who do too much, teaching boundaries, time management, stress reduction etc. But Heatherash Amara’s new book, Awaken Your Inner Fire speaks to me in a way that other books don’t. Not only because Heatherash has a unique voice, even among personal transformation authors, which is both compassionate and deeply sincere, but also because Awaken Your Inner Fire focuses on an aspect of self care sorely lacking in many other similar books. If you are a spiritual seeker who has a hard time taking a break (like yours truly) then chances are feel compelled, and to some degree, fulfilled by the experiences that comprise your work (whether that is your work to earn money, your work on a spiritual path or both). I have a difficult time applying the techniques of many other time management books because they don’t speak to the bigger issue- that the work I do is genuinely fulfilling, enjoyable, that I am passionate about it and love every moment of it and don’t want to stop because it fills my energy……

Until it doesn’t.

And this is what Heatherash’s book addresses.

Awaken Your Inner Fire is about cultivating and maintaining a steady flow of energy from Infinite Source, as related to three parts of the body and also explores ways we can listen to, learn from, and work with the body, heart, and intuition to keep personal energy strong and vibrant regardless of physical health issues. This spoke volumes to me, as a person recovering from a mild brain injury who still experiences fatigue on a regular basis.

After attending Heatherash’s workshop at Namaste Bookshop, I was inspired by her message that it is not necessarily time management that is an issue- but energy management, or even, energy maintenance. She led us through several exercises tuning in to what she calls the Three Flames, which are the foundation of our energetic system, and also led us through a visualization to discover our True Work- which she describes in Awaken Your Inner Fire as the work that follows into all walks of life beyond the roles associated with career.

Awaken Your Inner Fire gets right to the heart of barriers to more effective energy maintenance. The old stories and agreements we have made which keep us connected to patterns that drain our energy, while offering practical solutions that I was able to employ right away, even sitting on a bench in the city waiting for the bus to come. I love Heatherash’s approach and her nonjudgmental style of teaching and storytelling. I left the workshop with a new perspective on bringing my medicine into the world without burning myself out, being driven by connection to positive energy flow rather than fear of not doing enough or getting it “right” etc. This book provides a blend of personal stories and anecdotes as well as powerful visualization exercises and rituals to make the transformation process conceptual and practical.

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