Reflections on the Full Moon in Pisces- Denial, Resistance, Illusion & Transformation

We are approaching a Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th, coming in the midst of intense and powerful energies.

No doubt you are feeling the roller coaster of emotions, as I am, too.

And a little secret…..

The last thing I wanted to write about is the Full Moon in Pisces.

The last thing I want to think about is the powerful forces of water, submersion, the energy of healing that comes when we have been fully immersed in the depths of the waters of emotion.

I really wanted to skip over this one, as Pisces energy will seduce us to hide in illusions and resist full submersion into the depths of mystery.

But Spirit reminds me that this is not the time to tiptoe around a heavy topic because it feels too encompassing.

That even though we are all no doubt saturated with emotion, from our connection to the suffering of those affected by Hurricane Harvey, to the intense eruptions of energy surfacing in our own individual lives as a result of the powerful eclipse cycle, to the highs and lows we all experience as sensitive beings.

It is not time to tiptoe on the surface.

Pisces is, after all, the energy of great healing and transmutation. Associated not only with Christ consciousness but also with the essence of self sacrifice and transformation.

Pisces gives us the power of illusions in which we may cloak ourselves to shirk responsibility, but also the depths of feeling into which we may allow ourselves to sink down into, the power of transcending boundaries and experiencing our connection with all that is, as well as the mask of martyrdom if we walk this path without balance.

Pisces helps us shed the restrictions of the Ego, yet calls on us to dredge up our deepest wounds if we are to allow healing and release to occur.

It goes without saying that this sign carries the profound energy of the water element in both its ultimate healing power, and its supremely devastating aspects.

We witness this not only as evidenced in our physical world via storms, but also on the energetic plane via the power of empathy and love which brings the deepest of joys and pain.

When we experience the energy of Pisces we allow ourselves to be open to it all.

And we find opportunities for healing, transcendence and rebirth even in the midst of great sorrow.

How will you open your heart and consciousness to the power of Pisces energy on this Full Moon?

How will you release the dams you have built to block out pain, so that both love, pain, joy, sorrow, and all emotions are free to flow through you and deepen your humanity?

How will you walk the fine line between acknowledging that which you are powerless over and the many ways in which you are the perfect instrument of carrying divine healing to others and your community?

Pisces is also the ultimate in communal energy as it carries us deeper into awareness that there is no separation between self and other on a Spiritual plane. Pisces brings out our desire for connection with others and the Universe, a drastic change in the dose of individualist Leo energy we experienced during the eclipse cycle this past month.

How will you strengthen your connection to your community and to Spirit?

Full Moon in Pisces Meditation Here.