Rebuilding Stronger Crisis to Creation at Mid-Life. the tower

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

This question is posed of us and pondered for us before we are even able to comprehend spoken words.

“She loves animals, I bet she’ll be a veterinarian” and the like, our paths are cast before us in the unintended magic spells of our elders, who train us to move steadily to the drum beat of time as we will need to have it figured out once we “grow up”.

What happens, though, when the marching band playing your life’s tune suddenly throws their instruments to the side, casting the rhythm of your life into chaos?

You go to school to get to college, go to college to get the job, get the job to be successful and enjoy life on weekends, vacation and hopefully in retirement, but who really prepares you for the detours? The changing name of “success” not to mention changing loyalty of the job, changing relationships, and surprises that were totally left out of the college curriculum?

Janet Riccobono faced this question when her life’s preparation for adulthood left her feeling completely unprepared for life’s detours.  For Janet, the detour was more than a bump in the road, it was a life or death wake up call. She recounts knowing that she was working a bit too hard and one day just not feeling well. This was the warning sign.

Janet’s heart attack was the end. The end of the life in which unsatisfying work dominated her time and energy. The end of a life spent comparing herself to others and racing to get “ahead”.

It was also the beginning.

Recalling the confusion she felt having recently lost her father and then embarking on the road to recovery from her heart attack, Janet states “nothing in my life prepared me for this type of experience.”

There was no curriculum for surviving real catastrophes. No Emergency Plan for when life falls apart. For when you have to choose your health over your career, or when you have to face the mortality of your parents, or for some, your children or yourself. There is no cheat sheet for survival and no crib notes that will prepare you for a recession.

Janet faced the death of life as she knew it and was reborn to new priorities, a new mission and new passion for life. She made her health a priority, lost weight, became mindful, happy, and serene. She decided to use her second chance at life to inspire and help others to heal and discover their paths when the previous road reaches a dead end.

She created New Life at Mid Life a program for people who feel they have reached a “before and after” moment and need help re-envisioning themselves. She also created the curriculum for living life in all its glory and tribulations, called Alive and Well, a comprehensive system for thriving through life’s changes. Janet helps men and women embrace healthy goals and find their inner motivation to ride the waves of change that so commonly occur in mid life. From empty nest to challenges as caregivers for aging parents, from divorce, to health challenges, from career changes, job losses, and all manner of subjects in between Janet is your guide to creating the next phase- whatever that may be.

The ability to see the new opportunities after the wrecking ball comes through and tears down the foundation you were used to is a skill not to be underestimated. In Tarot, the Tower represents the creative energy found in moments of destruction. The card portrays an elaborate Tower being struck by lightning, in mid collapse. Not a pretty image. Yet its symbolism is profound and relevant. Who can’t relate to this scene? Who has not felt like their foundations were shattering, and no amount of begging or pleading could reverse the downward spiral?

We all have. Hence the power of archetypes. The wisdom of this image is in recognizing that the concept of safe structures are an illusion. The Tower is a reminder that our security easily becomes a source of limitation. Our expectations tied to the foundations we hold dear are not guaranteed. Yet when these foundations are threatened, we truly discover our strengths and we have the opportunity to soar like a bird let loose from its gilded cage.
Yes it is easy to walk through life smiling and nodding along to the “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” mantra, but actually standing amidst the scattered rubble of a shaken down life and finding the strength to gather pieces to rebuild is a different story. And it is not a story to be re-written a lone. Janet Riccobono is passionate about this. We need not rebuild in isolation, subject to the fears, insecurities and limitations which (perhaps) led to unstable foundations in the first place.

So if you are seeking a new life, a byproduct of your own longing or from the necessity to rebuild after a surprising twist of fate, you don’t have to walk to road to recreation alone. For more information on how Janet can help you discover your New Life at Midlife, contact Janet at:

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