A REAL Woman’s Love Story

Good news ladies, REAL women do get to fall in love.
This August I will celebrate 8 years with the most wonderful man I could possibly imagine.
Am I some kind of lucky woman?
No, I am a REAL woman, who attracted a REAL man for REAL, soul level intuitive love unlike anything I ever thought existed outside a Diana Gabaldon novel.

Here is my story…

In August of 2007 I was not looking for another relationship. I only wanted to grow spiritually, further my career and settle in to the home I bought, and be a good mom to my first kitten.

I wasn’t on dating websites. Heck, I didn’t even have internet yet.

I wasn’t looking for my soul mate. I was simply following inner guidance for the first time in my life.

Doing intuitive readings for one’s self is tricky, because your own expectations get in the way, like the reading I did for myself a few months before meeting my partner. I saw a mature man, with whom I would make an emotional connection and that this would be near water…then promptly dismissed it all because I really didn’t need another hassle.
And that is what men are, right?
Or so I thought. Having just ended another relationship with another person who was less than an ideal fit and more of a “hey, I’m not getting any younger, and besides all the good men are probably married, dysfunctional, or not into women, so what the heck” I decided the last thing I needed to worry about was meeting a man.

Then, unexpectedly, I met the man who would become my partner and change everything I thought I knew about love and relationships.
and yes it was alongside the Hudson River.

So how did I manage to attract a handsome, successful, intelligent, sensitive man who is the perfect fit for my energy and life?
Sure I was young, but so are a lot of women.
Sure I was blessed with great curves, but most of them were in my midsection.

Money was not a factor- I was mowing lawns just to supplement my day job and pay the bills…
The truth is real attraction is a power that REAL women have. I did not have to be a Kardashian, or a Barbie.

After all, ladies, if you want a man who is attracted to a Barbie, then who are you attracting? A little plastic Ken Doll?

But there is more to the story than I have told you so far….
I did not go out looking for my soul mate when I found him, but I did go on a quest to release the crap that kept me seeking relationships that were NOT satisfying.

Months before meeting my partner, I embarked on a quest to pursue my highest potential as a REAL woman. This awakening came as a result of my intuition guiding me, or kind of slapping me upside the head. I was pondering why I kept attracting relationships that were so filled with drama and ending with heartbreak. Pondering why I kept attracting “Princes” who were really “Frogs” my Higher Self chimed in “Perhaps it is because you are acting like a Bug”.

Gotta love the Higher Self.

But it was undeniable. the relationships I cultivated were the direct result of the energy signals I was sending.

So how did I change this?

  • I learned to send different signals.
  • I learned to take responsibility for who I am and who I deserve to be without waiting for validation from someone else.
  • I learned to listen to my intuition and recognize how power really works in relationships.
  • I learned to stop blaming “other women” for being the lucky ones and assuming I could not find the type of partner I really wanted.
  • Although the process was transformative, I did not change who I am.

I learned to become true to my Higher Self not just in relationships, but for my own sake.

When you think you have to be a certain age, size, or tax bracket to find the man you really want….
Think again.

The man of my dreams came into my life when I was ready for the type of relationship we both deserve to share. Our relationship is not a moment, it is a journey. Had I not undergone a personal transformation, and if ego, fear and control were the basis for this relationship, it would not have worked.

Loving Intuitively means changing the way you look at love, relationships and attraction.


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