Psychic Party Series II- the Perfect Psychic Party


Psychic entertainment can really liven up your party, but there are some important logistical considerations to prepare for.

Size Matters

Most psychics require time to make a connection and receive a quality message. I have found that readings lasting at least 10 minutes per guest provide the highest quality experience in a party, but this is just my experience. Also, don’t be fooled by an initial count. Many times I am told by a hostess that only a certain number of people actually want readings, but when word spreads throughout the party about how accurate, fun and exciting the process is, suddenly the original naysayers also want to try it out. You can thus imagine the awkwardness as the hostess, of having to tell some of your guests that they will not have an opportunity for a reading because of time constraints. Planning ahead and anticipating all guests wanting a reading even if some say they do not, can help avoid this awkward situation.

Party Duration

Equally important, what is the length of time the psychic you would like to hire can comfortably provide accurate readings? My maximum is 3 hours which sounds like a lot of time, but if you expect to have 20 or 30 guests that can be an issue. Discuss alternative options like small group readings. Some people will hire multiple psychics but again cost will be a factor.


If you want your guests to have individual readings, it is best to prepare a small, private, quieter space for the readings to take place. Also if you have a dog or other animals, it is wise to let the psychic know in case of potential allergies etc. I enjoy visiting homes where animals are around and feel they add something special to the process, but someone with phobias or allergies may not feel that way.

Culture Matters

Psychic readings are not dangerous and if conducted by a professional in a professional manner can be a great experience. Having said that, some cultures are not open to the process of humans connecting with Spirit or making future predictions. It is important to let guests choose whether they wish to be a part of the process based on their own comfort level and belief system. However if a guest is fearful because of being new to the process but is open to learning more about it, see if they can contact the psychic in advance to discuss their fear or concerns. Many times I find people who are initially apprehensive have either had a bad experience with a “psychic” who was really not reputable, or have watched misrepresentations of psychic phenomenon on tv. A little foreknowledge of what to expect can do a lot to ease someone’s mind.

Also, and very important, is your party intended for adults, minors, or both? Some psychics, like myself, will not provide services for minors without written parent/guardian permission.

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