Psychic Party Series III- Get the Best Value for Your Event

Entertainment is what makes a party memorable so you don’t want to skimp here, but money is a practical issue.  Look for the most value for the money you invest.

  • For example, is there a way to accommodate all guests and allow for a special rate for follow up readings as a bonus?
  • Does the birthday girl/bride to be or subject of the party receive a special bonus?
  • Does the hostess receive any special perks? Some psychics will give added values such as special offers on follow up readings, a free astrology reading for the person-of-honor, or other goodies for the hostesses/person of honor. Consider the cost not just in terms of dollars, but as an investment in creating the perfect party atmosphere. For example, my Inner Queens Parties for women offer a lot of added value such as a free 20 minute phone session for the hostess and for the person of honor (Bride to be, birthday girl etc).

Share the Wealth

Some ways to manage the budget can also include:

  • Splitting the total cost of readings among your guests and having the guests pay for their own readings.
  •  If you are throwing a birthday party for the woman who has everything, perhaps consider the Psychic’s service as a shared gift to the birthday gal, or entertainment in lieu of gifts.

Make the Psychic an Offer She Can’t Refuse
By that I simply mean negotiate. This may work better during select times of year. For instance, in October, most psychics have little need to negotiate as our calendars are full. In July however you may find more flexibility. Same with mid winter.

Other terms may be negotiable. Is there a fee for mileage?

Is there a flat fee or is the “meter running” as the readings go on?

I prefer to use a flat fee which includes mileage so that the hostess is only responsible for the original price quoted. If time runs over, I do not add on extra fees, but that is simply my policy.

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