PSSSSSST…..Your Daughter Doesn’t Want to Wear that Goofy Ribbon Hat….

Your daughter may be your little princess, but lets face it, she is not the pink frilly type, is she? Far from the flouncy skirted 5 year old, she is a 21st century woman. Shouldn’t her special day be celebrated with something new, fun and cutting edge?

Perhaps she is graduating, getting married or celebrating another important milestone. You want her to enjoy the company of her best gal pals, not to mention grandma, aunts, cousins and sisters. But is everyone really going to sit around and tell embarrassing stories about her junior high days like at the last party? Or worse, do you really want the highlight of the party to be another one of those silly games involving bows stuck to a hat or worse- glow in the dark plastic naughty bits? (What is it about bridal showers that brings out the interest in glow in the dark genitals, anyway?)

Your daughter is more sophisticated, special and classy than all that.
She’s a savvy modern woman and deserves to celebrate with Spirit!

If you have thought of holistic, positive psychic entertainment for her party here are some things to consider.

Psychic readings jazz up any party, but some guests may be uncomfortable with the topic, fearing what they don’t understand. Trying to accommodate all of your daughter’s special friends on her special day can also be a challenge as it takes time to both make an intuitive connection and answer even a few questions.

Consider this new twist on the traditional Psychic Parties- an Inner Queen (Queens of Tarot) Party. All of your guests can be entertained simultaneously with programming designed to match the theme of your daughter’s special occasion. Each guest will receive a group intuitive energy/personality assessment. Without getting in to “predictions” which can make some people uncomfortable, everyone can join in the laughs and excitement of discovering their Soul Power- their unique energy. These parties have been described as fun, enlightening and encouraging. Discovering the power of your Inner Queen is a great way to launch your daughter into her new adult life, marriage, or family life with confidence and optimism.

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