Ready to Party?

3 of cupsBirthdays, Graduations, Retirement, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers…or just because, there are so many reasons to bring your friends together. Chances are you have been a guest at some very special parties recently, too. Your friend who went all out to host a Paint Night that everyone was talking about for months. You want your party to amuse, please, entertain, excite and be remembered. If you are considering Psychic entertainment at your party here is a primer to make sure your event is a success.

Factors to Consider:

Psychics have different specialties so it helps to know the lingo.

  • Psychic– Someone who reads the energy of a person/place to give information about past, present and future. In states like NY all psychics must label their work as intended for entertainment only or risk criminal charges. This label does not diminish their talent or potential accuracy.
  • Medium– Some psychics also use mediumship, others specialize in this skill, which refers to connecting to the Spirit world and/or communicating with the deceased. Notethe Medium can not guarantee contact with the exact person you may wish to contact so be open to whoever else is with you who wants to “come through”.
  • Tarot Cards– Used by some psychics, Tarot Cards are a tool that helps trigger the intuition and can be used in other fun ways such as teambuilding and boosting creativity. The Tarot is symbolic and the “Death” and “Devil” cards need not be taken literally.
  • Dowsing– The practice of using tools such as pendulums, or Dowsing Rods, to communicate with Spirit to find missing objects, sources of water or oil, or to answer yes/no questions.
  • Animal Communication– The specific practice of telepathic connection with animals alive or in Spirit, to convey messages with people. The animal does not need to be present, most communicators can use a photograph just as easily.
  • Psychometry– Holding an object (jewelry, keys, cell phone, picture) to read the energy of the person to whom the object belongs.
  • Astrologer– Someone who studies the birth chart for personality patterns as well as current astrological phenomenon to elicit the most successful times to undertake different endeavors. Usually requires knowledge in advance of guests date, place, and time of birth.

Psychics employ a variety of techniques in our processes.

For example, as a Certified Intuitive Consultant and Psychic Medium, I connect with Spirit (mediumship) which may include ancestors who have passed on and/or various Spirit Guides. To help foster my connection I will either tune in via the vibration of one’s voice or by holding an object belonging to an individual (psychometry). Although my initial development was based on Tarot, the use of the cards is typically the last step in my reading process.

Planning Your Party:

  • Prepare in advance to make the experience one that your guests will rave about for weeks. Interview the Psychic before  hire.
  • Find out what her/his needs are in order to ensure quality readings as well as her/his optimal size party. Some psychics are able to accommodate large groups, others only individual readings.
  • Some allow others to “listen in” some do not.
  • Ask about the psychic’s policy on recording the session.
  • Inquire about the divination methods used by the psychic and the pros and cons of the methods they employ.

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