“One of Us Has to Be the Woman”

The title of this blog was taken from a statement a woman made at an event back in the spring. About 6 women were gathered to discover their Attraction Power and learn about how their subtle energy was contributing to wins and losses in relationships. The speaker of the title statement stood alone as the solo member of the group whose energy was aligned with intuitive, nurturing, feminine power. All women possess this power of course, however the other participants were more strongly in alignment with projective, dominating, masculine energy.

Imagine the difference as if we were looking at a game of pitch and catch. The Pitchers are displaying projective energy (throwing the ball/projecting it through space, to the recipient). The Catchers are portraying receptive energy in that they are receiving the ball. So if we had a game with only pitchers, or only catchers, it wouldn’t last very long.

The lone woman in the group declared the title statement in joking self defense when one of the others pointed out, in a joking masculine energy way, that she was the “outsider”.

“Well one of us has to be the woman!” she exclaimed. And she is absolutely correct.

Now before I am inundated with hate mail, let me be absolutely clear: There is nothing right or wrong about masculine or feminine energy, and both energies can be accessed by men and women. The energy does not belong to the anatomy.

However in order to have successful relationships we must be aware of the ways in which our energy is broadcasting signals to others, and how we are receiving/projecting subtle messages and energy cues.

Again if I have a ball field full of pitchers, my game is not going anywhere.

Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, it takes a balance of masculine and feminine energy to make successful relationships work. Each energy has their own strengths and pitfalls and it is the combination of the opposites that leads to successful relationships. Regardless of anatomical gender, energy is energy. Modern women have been taught by our well intentioned predecessors to reject feminine energy in order to compete and prove ourselves to men. They meant well, but it is time for the pendulum to swing back toward center. The unintended result of this is that many modern women want to fall in love and want to find a partner, but don’t know how to give up the need to compete, to prove themselves. Many modern women struggle to share energy with men because we fear losing the power we have only recently come to hold in our relationships. We fear connecting with our feminine power because culture has now taught us this power makes us “weak”.  As a result, men don’t understand what their roles are in relationships, and women are afraid to be interdependent in relationships because it would threaten the illusion of security that goes with being “independent”.

So while it is great to embrace the sources of projective energy within, but if you are not attracting the enjoyable, reciprocal, healthy relationships you desire, consider how you can bring balance into your relationships so that you can have a nice game of pitch and catch, instead of a bunch of people in a field throwing balls at each other.

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