New! Tarotcast Club Membership for 2020

New for 2020! A special ongoing service that provides 12 months worth of personalized mini Tarot forecasts or Tarotcasts for the year!

By enrolling, you’ll receive a new, personalized, Tarotcast for 12 months. Each report delivered to your e-mail, will include a Tarot report on lessons and challenges for the month, and a look at work, finances, wellness, personal growth, relationships, as well as a personalized Rune reading and Inner Queen message.

This opportunity is limited to 10 memberships per year on a first come first served basis. If this link takes you to PayPal to complete payment, there is still room to enroll.

You will also receive the VIP rate on any Intuitive Reading by phone for 2020 (VIP rate is $90 for an hour, $60 for half hour as compared to $80 for a half hour and $120 for an hour).

Enroll in the Tarotcast club here.

Cost of membership for 1 year $120 ($10 per month).