Guide to Mythic Mamas: Meet the 4 Archetypal Nurturers.

Mother Energy takes many forms, and if you don’t understand Mom’s style, conflicts and resentments can arise from  one of your most meaningful relationships. Mom’s nurturing style will also inevitably be reflected in your own….whether you like it or not! So it pays to get to know the 4 Archetypal Mamas. womengeneration

Demeter– the Earth Mother of Abundance. When you imagine a loving, nurturing, mother who greets you with a home cooked meal, you are connecting to the archetypal Goddess Demeter. Perhaps you wish your mother was more like this ideal? Of course even Demeter’s daughter, Persephone would have reason to see a shrink. “Blame mom, she turned her back for one minute, and I was dragged down to the Underworld by my crazy dad, Hades!”
Demeter’s lesson is abundance in balance- when to hold on, and when to let go. Searching the world for 6 dark months (commonly known as winter, for her withholding of crops as she searched for her abducted daughter), Demeter’s gifts of abundance returned when her mission was accomplished (Spring). Persephone’s removal from her mother’s protective care is symbolic of the need for children to leave the nest, experience their growing pains. Also symbolic of the sacrifice made by the nurturing mother who is powerless to stop her children from experiencing life’s difficulties, no matter how protective mom may be.
If your mother nurtures in this way, she is patient and willing to provide for your needs- especially money and food. She loves to be around children and loves the traditional  role. She may have difficulty with you asserting your independence, and boundaries may need to be upheld, but she will grow to recognize your strength and capability once she sees that you can manage yourself in the midst of life’s perils. When you come home, however, she will still have dinner waiting.


Boudica– The Warrior Mom. Boudica was a historical woman whose name has become legendary. Without the mythic power to deprive the world of agriculture for 6 months, she led her people into battle against the Romans after the attack of her village, and her daughters, by Roman soldiers. Ultimately they lost the war, but her name is remembered as the woman who led a massive uprising as revenge. As an archetype she is a reminder that mom need not be dainty and passive, and that sometimes Nurturing requires taking up arms. Today her energy is found in mothers who advocate for their children who are bullied at school, or have special needs, or mothers who enlist in the armed forces to fight for future generations. Moms who are not content to sit quietly in the face of injustice, whether they fight with the sword or pen (or keyboard) embody the energy of the Warrior Mother.
If your mom is a Warrior, she has jumped into action on your behalf when she senses injustice. When you want to keep a low profile, this may not always be appreciated. Also, when you are on the receiving end of her anger, look out! In general however, the Warrior Mom has blazed a trail intended to give you a better life. So thank her for working to make the world a better place.

fairy godmother

The Fairy Godmother– Ok, so maybe she isn’t your blood relative….but mom is not just the woman who gave birth to you. Mothers step into your life at various crossroads. The mentor who treated you like you were her own child, the aunt, grandmother, step mother, adopted mother, foster mother, counselor, neighbor, teacher, who took a special interest in you. The wise woman who entered your life, even for a short time, during transitions, and somehow knew just what you needed to be transformed. This mother is a Mentor. She shares her nurturing energy by helping to shape and mold your future. Her temporary or distant nature is inconsequential to the impact she has on your life.
You probably have several “Fairy Godmothers” in your life. You have summoned them based on need in the past, consider connecting with them again to give back in some way.


Baba Yaga– Technically a “Grandmother” Archetype, Baba Yaga is the Crone, and the epitome of the harsh mother. In Russian Lore, she challenges the beautiful young Vasilisa to impossible tasks, to encourage her strength. In modern day terms, she is the “Tiger Mom” who does not believe in coddling and crooning over children, but is a firm believer in challenging others to rise to their highest potential. Considered eccentric and difficult to please, she is the aloof mother, the nurturer of strength in others, and the mother who is sparing with her praise and open with criticism. In her mind, this is optimal preparation for life’s challenges.
If you have a connection to a Baba Yaga type Mother figure, you may secretly long for the Demeter archetype or even the Fairy Godmother. Challenging as it may be, try to appreciate the gifts of the Baba Yaga mother. How many miraculous accomplishments have you achieved as a result of this nurturing style? And remember….even Demeter’s daughter would have reason to complain, if she really wanted to!

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