Are You Tired of Attracting Wonderful Men for Committed Long Lasting Relationships?

holding handsThen you need Man-Away the easy, effective system for repelling men so you can remain single and lonely forever.
Its easy, just follow these steps.
1. Bait & Switch– as you get to know him, do your best to be anyone at all, except yourself.
2. Schedule him out of your life– Keep yourself so busy with work, routines, etc. so that he will have no choice but to grow bored and fade into the distance.
3. Spend 90 per cent of your day on Facebook– hit Like if you agree….
4. Be your insecurities. You’ve worked your whole life to accumulate all that baggage…now flaunt it! If he has a decent head on his shoulders, he’ll run!
5. Hold on to your past– keep mentioning your ex’s by name, referring to their photos when applicable- for faster results, compare current dates to your ex’s so they know they still have competition.
6. Give away your power– leave all decisions up to him so that he cracks under the pressure and messes up everything- this way you have someone to blame AND get to see in advance that he really wasn’t the strong person you thought he was.
7. Never compromise– if you really want the glamorous life of perpetual singlehood, remember it has to be all about you!
8. Ignore his cues– your pace is all that matters so if he is not ready to move in, be exclusive, or get married, ignore his cues until he either “proves” his love or falls by the wayside.
9. Fix what is wrong with him– for his own good of course. He will either turn into the man you want him to be, or run for the hills, another Man-Away success story!
10. Trust is the cohesion in long term relationships so if you want to successfully remain single and lonely, whatever you do, don’t trust him until he has “proven” himself to you constantly, which really is not trust at all….

These steps are proven effective to repel potential healthy relationships, I have personally tried many of them and can attest to their efficacy.

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