Love Potion

Love Potion Recipe

By Angela Kaufman 21st Century Relationship Psychic


  1. Start with your Container. You may not have much choice in the container you are given, but your container is more perfect than you realize. Love potion containers come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles.

**No matter what your container looks like, you will be able to make a Love Potion that is perfect for your unique vessel.

  1. Pour equal parts Heart and Soul into your container.
  2. Next add a heaping scoop of compassion
  3. Trust is an ingredient that can be hard to find, but it is essential, so you may want to start by growing your own. Don’t worry, its legal.
  4. Once you have grown your trust, add a generous portion to your mixture.
  5. Now, shake everything up, don’t worry about making a mess.
  6. Once your mixture is shaken, you will need to add a pinch of humility
  7. For extra flavor, sprinkle in some passion
  8. To get the right consistency add confidence and don’t forget to add a binding agent like loyalty or faith
  9. Now that your container is almost full, add a “Loving Spoonful” of patience- you will need that once the potion begins to take effect
  10. Watch your mixture for any Judgment or Expectation that may rise to the top, and carefully skim off and remove these byproducts.
  11. Finally, now that your potion is complete, pour your Love potion into the world around you in generous portions so that there is enough room in your container for others to share their love with you as well.
  12. Repeat.

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