Intuition Boosters & Intuition Busters


You are already intuitive. It is a  skill of all living beings to have a 6th sense. Perhaps, however, like most people, you have gotten disconnected from your intuition and want to change this.

Here are some simple fun ways to increase your intuition and some things to avoid that can decrease your intuition.

Intuition Boosters

Faith– In order to flex your intuitive muscles you have to give up on the idea of being, or looking, perfect. Following intuition means trusting hunches that others may not agree with or understand. Cultivate a sense of faith to help you follow the “clues” your intuition gives you.

Playful spirit– having a playful spirit makes it easier to follow the above advice. Look at your intuition as a fun way to play games with the universe, just for kicks. This takes the pressure off that you “must be right” or else it isn’t “working”. Practice using your intuition when nothing serious depends on it. For example try the following games:

  • Will it rain? Before you check the weather maps, check in with your gut feeling- ask yourself “Will it rain today?” (or tomorrow or Sunday etc.) Wait for a symbolic answer or impression. Jot down your observations, impressions, feelings and reactions in a journal. Intuition is symbolic, so “drawing a blank” may be an indicator of a “no” answer but this will give you a feeling for what it is like when your intuition answers you. Keep a log of exercises like this and look back over time to see what signals were most accurate. You will not be correct every time because no one is, so set that expectation aside.
  • Internal GPS- next time you have to go some place new and are not in a rush, practice asking your intuition for guidance navigating your route. Print directions just in case or let GPS take you part way, then ask your intuition where to go.
  • Card Games- Place a deck of playing cards face down, randomly choose ten and then practice intuiting the color of the suits, numbers, or the suits without looking. Let this be a fun game, not a competition. Playfulness increases intuition, anxiety interferes.

Find Support– Ask a friend to help you by playing games that require you to use your intuition. These are not “guessing games” but can follow the same structure. The difference is that guessing is a logical thought based process, and intuition is a process of asking your Higher Self, Spirit, etc. and then allowing yourself to receive impressions in response.

Find Your Voice– Practice speaking YOUR truth, even if you do not have hard evidence to back up what you are feeling. This does not mean you have to push your views on others, but practice speaking up about things you feel or impressions you have without worry about the image others will have of you. One of the biggest intuition busters is the pattern women get into of having a strong feeling about something but suppressing it because they want to be “nice” or fit in. Speak your truth even if it is only to say “Something about that doesn’t sit right with me” etc.

Intuition Busters

Negative people– You can’t change others, but you don’t have to seek out negativity. Avoid gossip, drama, and energy draining people.

Ego– Having a big investment in being perceived as perfect, wealthy, famous, etc. will block your intuition because it focuses energy in grandiose images in your mind.

Expectations- Intuition is supposed to guide you beyond information you can access with logic. Leave expectations to the mind and save intuition for the gut.

Fear- As well as pressure, self criticism etc. Practice recognizing intuition in playful ways to undermine the natural fear of trying something new.

Alcohol, Mind Altering Substances, and Illness– Toxic is the center word in Intoxication for a reason. Being grounded and having healthy energy is essential to making good connection with your intuition, illnesses, substances etc. confuse your signals.

Control– Again a function of the ego. Intuition requires faith, which brings us full circle!

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