A Few Questions for Healers

What does it mean to be a healer?
Is it a job that is confined to a set schedule of hours?
Is it something to do only in certain circumstances in a defined client/healer relationship?
Is it one of many disposable name tags?
Or is it a way of life that requires that you show up in the world to be a part of the solution?
That you not hide behind fear and settle for ‘good enough’?
That you don’t get the luxury of saying ‘that isn’t my problem’
Is it a way of life not limited to office hours and certainly not to banker’s hours?
Is it a way of life that recognizes healing is not just for the body, but also the mind, the Spirit, the past, present and
The community?
Is it only the menu of services you charge money for?
Or is it the decision to be of service to a higher purpose in decisions and actions too numerous and insignificant to report to the IRS?
Does it give you an easy pass to avoid confronting darkness so as not to ‘lower your vibration’?
Or does it mandate that you show up for the heavy shit that doesn’t always feel good?
Is it only about something you do in the office, wellness center, or behind the beaded curtain? Or does it transfer out into the world, is it mobile, do you take healing with you as a practice into the streets and in the community? Into the choices you make with your actions, your investments, your words?
In the midst of oppression, in the face of increasing polarization of communities, of intimidation of groups of people, of continued institutionalized racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and manipulation of our instincts and fears for the gain of those in power, what is the role of the Healer?
If you believe that you were brought here for a purpose and that this is the perfect time, situation, circumstances to serve that purpose, as a Healer, how are you choosing to face the opportunities to serve on a daily basis?
How are you choosing to face the Shadow as it erupts into plain sight in society?
At this time, when so much healing is needed, how are you allowing your light to come forward, to uplift others, to be part of the betterment of society?