Glamor Magick with Brandon Dewyea

My attitude toward clothing can be summed up in the two questions that typically guide my apparel selection process:

What do I need to throw on to be acclimated to the weather? and what do I need to cover to keep from getting arrested for indecent exposure?

I dislike shopping, belts perplex me and have long suspected that any shoe other than a sneaker is a tool of The Man.

Yet whether I like it or not, if everything is energy and energy is carries power to attract or repel opportunities, then the energy created by clothing and appearance is a latent source of power.

In fact the word Glamor, typically associated with appearance and style, comes from the celtic belief in enchantment or magic created through appearance. This term and it’s enduring use validates the transformative power of appearance to shift our perception of a person.

With this in mind, I decided to invoke a little Glamor magick into my life to help with rebranding as the book launch approaches and as a door closes on 2017. I invited my friend Brandon Dewyea, the “Image Maven” who specializes in helping women amplify their power through discovering their personal style.

Before you start to think that you could never work with a consultant like Brandon, let me reassure you, if I can do it, you can do it. My home, like the rest of my life, is in transition. It is where I live and work and not a place I typically entertain company because, well it looks lived in and worked in.

But Brandon was completely professional and friendly, not minding the altars filled with bizarre artifacts or the presence of two cavies running around their pens in the living room. Brandon was sensitive to how nerve racking it can be to have someone come into your home and (gasp!) go through your closet.

And if you think that anything in your closet would render a poor spectator unconscious in a moment of terror, let me again reassure you. If the sight of my closet didn’t send Brandon into a panic, nothing will.

In a compassionate and sensitive manner, Brandon helped me sort clothing into piles for ‘revisit next season’, ‘to be donated’ and ‘needs alteration’ Although it was not my primary intention, the process of finally getting rid of some items kept for sentimental value felt healing. Exactly the process I needed to release stagnant energy and feel optimistic for the months to come.

The real magick, however, was Brandon’s amazing knack for layering items I would never have thought to combine. By trusting in her creative intuition, I could see a difference in how a garment paired with another or worn a slightly different way, could accentuate features or create a different energy altogether.

Brandon was also sensitive to making sure that I felt comfortable and confident with her suggestions. She didn’t get offended, for example, when I couldn’t stop giggling because a particular dress and belt combination reminded me of Jesus. Through a fun process of experimenting, we came up with several outfits each creating a different mood and aligning with a different energy.

Most importantly, Brandon’s guidance has inspired me to think in a different way about clothing, and how the choices I make can help me to align with the energy I want to create, and isn’t that what manifesting is all about?

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