Fall Equinox Challenge- Help Me Finish this Blog….

Fall is my favorite season. I love the colors, the changes and the harvest time feeling of abundance and gratitude that begins with my celebration of Fall Equinox and is reiterated in the mainstream Thanksgiving holiday in November. Of course any day brings reasons to be grateful but I am particularly fond of looking back over a productive year, examining my successes and challenges to learn from, and relishing the fruits of a year’s creative work.

As a 21st Century Relationship Psychic, I have come to realize a few powerful truths about success of any kind. The core truth boils down to this- no one achieves success alone. The successes I celebrate this season are not mine alone- they are yours too. We may have grown up together, we may have met briefly, or we may never have met in person at all but if you are reading this we are connected. We have helped create a world together and I am grateful for the color, life, and unique energy that you have brought to this world, as I acknowledge that were it not for the many strands of energy woven together in this tapestry we call reality, none of what I have to be grateful for would even exist.

In an era that rallies behind the battle cry of “Its all about me” I am reminded that the success of the individual rests upon the many that teach, challenge, inspire, influence, love, anger, motivate and support that one individual. Therefore my gratitude list has a space for you- whether we know each other personally or not.

So I want to welcome you to add your blessings to this list and share it with as many people as possible. This is a continued inventory of abundance that begins with simple act of recognizing wealth in its many forms and knowing that we are all co-creators of each others’ successes.

I am grateful for: My health, family, home, animals, the work that I do and all of the people who have inspired, mentored and encouraged this work. The people who have come into my life as clients allowing me to share this work, my neighbors and community members, my colleagues, those who have taught and been peer students with me in the past, the guides in Spirit who have made their presence known so that others would continue to learn and feel their love and guidance, those whose works of art, music and literature, the leaders who work for peace, those who work to promote the health and well being of others, those who advocate for animals and the environment. an abundance of food and drinkable water and the animals and plants whose sacrifice makes this possible,
and now its your turn- add your gratitude list and pass it on!