I no longer call what happened an “accident” as it was a necessary part of my journey. However this life changing experience brought about some of the first REAL HARD CORE HEARTBREAKING challenges I ever experienced. I thought I knew emotional or physical pain before…

I didn’t know SQUAT!

During a prolonged period of recovery, challenges and changes I had to come to terms with the loss of my plans, my vision of what life “should” be like and even some aspects of my identity….


Because I also developed an even stronger spiritual connection. Whatever got erased from my little life planner was replaced with an even BETTER opportunity to be of service to others and to Spirit.

Sure I make it sound all rosy NOW, but over the course of five years of not knowing what the game plan will be was no picnic. I had to draw on strengths I didn’t know I had. I had to trust, and I had to set aside some of aspects of myself that I was most proud of and accept what I could not change.

In the process I developed what would later become the “Queen Up” system for women, and the basis of my new book, Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down- Unleash the Power of Your Inner Tarot Queen (Conari 2018). I didn’t know I was developing a system of transformation for women at the time. I was just trying to get through the day¬† without being depressed, bitter and feeling like a victim.

It was only as I began to create a new life of purpose, passion, creativity and abundance that I felt healing was complete.

Through coaching others it became clear how many other women were going through their own painful twists and turns that I realized that the system that gave me a new life is now something I must share with other women.

Life gets messy, and we could all use some “Queening Up” from time to time.

For more information check out Queen Up!