A Psychic’s View on Coping with Relationship Challenges

As a Psychic reader I have learned a great deal about love and relationships from my clients and my interactions with Spirit Guides. As a result I am offering this guide to help women make sense of common relationship hangups.

1.- He doesn’t show how he feels about me!
This is a common complaint, leading to the question “How does he REALLY feel about me?” Before assuming his behavior is a brush off, ask yourself the following:
How does he act socially? How does he use….or not use….social media, texting or the phone? Some guys (and some women) aren’t really into social media, texting or even phone calls. It seems these days with so many modes of communication available people lean toward one preference or another. So if you are heavily reliant on texting or Twitter, and he doesn’t seem to respond or engage through these media, consider whether this is his M.O. in most communications, or if it really seems like he is avoiding replying to your messages. Technology brings people together, but also challenges our patience as we learn who engages best through these media.
Also-before you become anxious and feel ignored, ask yourself if he is doing anything to show that you are a priority in his life. If he is interested in you, especially in the courting stage, he should be making some effort to include you in his life. It may take a different form than you are expecting. Look at the big picture.

2.- He hasn’t said “I love you” yet….
Watch his actions, which speak louder than words anyway! If he demonstrates respect, interest, empathy and commitment, the words may not be too far in the distance. If his behavior is erratic, inconsistent or confusing, or if he talks about being “afraid of commitment” or “not ready to get into a serious relationship” then he is telling you loud and clear what he is, and is not, prepared for at this time. Whether you wait patiently and let things take their course, or not is up to you.

3.- He has other women’s numbers in his phone/Ex-Girlfriends on Facebook etc.
This is a big red flag, and it isn’t all on him. First, if you are compelled to go through his phone, email or other devices, this indicates perhaps you aren’t ready to trust him and maybe for good reason. Opinions about exclusivity and communication vary and this should be discussed openly- with him- early in the relationship. If you are not comfortable with a relationship that openly includes continued contact with ex’s you have every right to express this. Be sure, however that you are following your own standard. It is also important to consider the context of this communication. Keeping an ex as a Facebook friend when the two have children together can simply be an easy means of communication. Again consider the big picture, how is this relationship maintained? Plenty of people have “Facebook Friends” with whom they barely have any contact, but such media are also used to carry on affairs or feed the fantasy of re-connecting with old partners. If this makes you uncomfortable be sure to explain why, but also be willing to allow him to explain his rationale for continuing communication. Trust is important to any relationship, but so is mutual respect. Ultimately you must decide if continued contact with ex’s will be a relationship “deal-breaker” for you, or not. In the big picture, how disruptive is this continued connection? Does it correspond to other behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable in the relationship? In other words, is a text or phone call here and there tolerable but other forms of continuity of past relationships beyond your comfort threshold? Whatever your bottom line is be willing to explain in terms of how it makes you feel, not in terms of criticizing his actions.


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Angela Kaufman is a Certified Professional Tarot Reader, LCSW, and Ordained Minister and founder of Moonlight Tarot LLC. As Your 21st Century Relationship Psychic, Angela helps empower modern, successful women who are successful in life but feel unlucky in love. For more information visit www.moonlighttarotllc.com