Balancing the Dark & Light

Today is the Autumnal Equinox in the northern hemisphere. People who strive to live in harmony with nature recognize today as the day of balance between daylight and night hours, before the seasonal shift into the “dark” time in which daylight decreases until after the Winter Solstice.

When we live in alignment with the energies of nature, we recognize the parallel between shifts and cycles on the outside, and shifting energy of changes within. Equinox brings equal measures of dark and light, night and day, into balance and reminds us of the need to balance the opposing forces which exist in us all.

What are these “opposing forces”?

Each individual, regardless of plumbing, possesses masculine and feminine energies. We all possess dark and light energies. Each of us contains an aspect of our “opposite”. So we are reminded that there is no “me” and “other”. This discrepancy is an illusion.

This means, for example, that women can channel both masculine and feminine energies. These energies refer to characteristics associated with the ability to project (masculine) and receive (feminine). Traditionally light and dark were also associated with masculine and feminine energy and it was only when early Indo-Aryan tribes declared war on feminine energy that feminine energy was given negative connotations. (For more on that happy story, check out Merlin Stone’s When God Was a Woman). Since then, the dark, mysterious, intuitive, emotional feminine energies were perceived as a threat to the power structures in the dominant culture, one which placed preference on the masculine energies of dominance, logic, conquest etc. This is not to say that these are traits of “men” and “women” but again, of masculine and feminine energy. Both men and women possess both energies, but we tend to align with one or the other. So most of us are not as balanced internally as the Earth is on Autumn Equinox, when light and dark are held in equal measure.

When contemporary women fought to reclaim a place of power in western society in the past century, they did so by aligning with their masculine energy. In an attempt to fight fire with fire, women sought to “prove” themselves by being more like men. From the close women wore (from pants to shoulder pads) to attempts to out drink men (a significant problem since, feminism aside, women’s bodies digest alcohol differently leading to faster progression of dangerous consequences). Even our modern attitudes toward work and career demonstrate the impact of this subconscious feeling of competition with men.

Unfortunately, in that last case, women have tended to deny their natural feminine power in favor of accentuating the power of only male energy. Feminine power of intuition, building community and creativity have been brushed aside in favor of emphasis on the rational over the intuitive, the conquest mentality presiding over the instinct to build community. I have even heard modern women apologizing for “just being stay at home moms” instead of having careers outside of the home. Ironic that in the name of feminism, we have turned away from embracing feminine energy.

However the tide seems to be turning once again. More women are reconnecting with their Inner Queen, embracing their intuition, and focusing on building community within their personal and professional lives. Women are learning we can harness both our masculine and feminine energies, and men are awakening to this as well. So as you align with the energies of balance in nature today, contemplate the sources of energy within. Are you feeling balanced? Or are you emphasizing one source of energy?

To learn more about recognizing and balancing the energies within, check out the Inner Queen Mystical Path to Empowerment.