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Have you ever wanted someone to listen to you about an issue that you couldn’t bring to your family?  A decision, a confession, the ability to vent, the desire to be heard…so many reasons we need good listeners.

Diana Dwyer, Professional Confidant, understands deeply the need to be heard. She also understands how difficult it can be to find someone who is truly “all ears”.  So often, families are not receptive to expression that challenges the  “rules”. We are taught to be quiet, and not to speak up especially if it may upset someone else.
So often people need to express themselves but don’t know how, or when it is appropriate.
Diana understands families and people. Largely because she has spent time listening to others. Really listening, not doing one of those “I am such a great listener, let me tell you all about it thereby not really listening at all” numbers. Diana is passionate about helping people heal from disconnected relationships, especially family relationships. She knows that functional adult relationships require recognition of sometimes dysfunctional communication patterns taught early on.  Diana emphasizes the role of communication to help her clients gain clarity about their goals and decide whether, and how, to facilitate healing communication with others. In fact, she has even designed a game to ease the tension of this sometimes challenging topic. “Speaking or Not; Putting the Fun Back in Dysfunctional Family” was created out of Diana’s desire to help mend personal and family wounds in a way that builds bridges rather than walls. Nothing like a game to ease tension and open up lines of communication.

Diana’s role as Personal Confidant and Coach as well as her ability to provide compassionate, nonjudgmental guidance to those who wish to resolve, release or reconcile interpersonal or family issues links her energy to the mythic figure of Athena, particularly as portrayed in Homer’s Odyssey.

Ok, its been a while since you cracked open the good old Odyssey. Athena is portrayed in a unique role in this work. She is not just a Goddess, daughter of Zeus and his favorite, although that is cool (albeit enough to spark some good old fashioned family dysfunction and rivalry even among the Olympians…) Athena appears to Telemachus, son of Odysseus, in the guise of Mentor, Odysseus’s oldest friend. She presents as a patient, wise guide, hence the term “Mentor” as it is used even today. She does not bust in to the royal palace demanding that Telemachus sail off in search of his father, thought to be long dead (symbolic of the disconnected family member). Rather she instills the hope that Odysseus is in fact alive but being held captive on his adventure. She uses the art of listening and engaging to help Telemachus come to the conclusion that he must go and rescue his father.

What does this crazy classic tale have to do with you and your family?

Have you ever had a loved one or family member who seemingly abandoned you? From whom you felt disconnected? What do you typically assume about this person, or yourself?

Probably the same types of assumptions Telemachus made until Athena in disguise encouraged him to reunite with his father and gain control of his kingdom, which in Odysseus’s absence had fallen into chaos at the hands of numerous scoundrels all chasing Telemachus’s mother for her hand in marriage. Oh yes, dysfunctional family dynamics are as classic as the Odyssey itself.

It was because of the role of Athena, appearing when most needed, to guide, advise, and  advocate for Telemachus, that this story has a happy ending. Of course if you want to know the full ending, you will have to read the whole thing yourself. Suffice it to say, your family, relationships, and personal life can have a happy ending as well. All it takes is that wise, patient, compassionate Mentor to help guide you on your path.

Diana Dwyer can be that Mentor for you. Like Athena in the Odyssey, she has a way of knowing how to “guide from the side” not demanding, but always supportive, a partner in your growth and a co-navigator of your difficult conversations. Perhaps your best resolution lies in letting well enough alone, perhaps it requires you boarding a ship and sailing off in pursuit of confrontation with your absentee significant other, but until you ask for help, you will never know.

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