3 Ways to Help Animals this Spring

Spring means new beginnings and abundance, and in most cases that is a good thing, unless you are involved with animal welfare. Notorious for being “kitten season” as well as a time when more motorists enjoying the nice weather means more injured animals in need of wildlife rehabilitation, or more vet bills because of tics and injuries. Make sure companion animals and wildlife get to enjoy spring as much as the people who love them.

1. Spay/neuter your animal companions. Local organizations provide low cost spay/neuter programs which prevent overpopulation.

2. Protect your boundaries. BBQs and backyard parties are always more fun when the family animal companion gets to join in the celebration, but make sure gates/fences are secured. A few years ago, my partner and I found a dog running down a busy 4 lane city street on a hot summer day. When we approached the dog and called the number on his collar, the person assured us that we did not have his dog because they were all out back having a party. In the midst of his argument (really, where else would I have gotten your number, Mister?) he realized his dog had in fact gotten out of the yard. It is easy to become distracted when celebrating, make sure you have your animal friends safe and secure.

3. Hydrate! Keep extra sources of water available for your animal friends. As the temperature rises, don’t forget their anatomical structure may require them to have different heat accommodations than you. Put yourself “on their level” if they live low to the ground, in elevated cages, or in tanks, consider the level of air circulation, availability of shade, and other “creature” comforts they require.

4. Get wild. Experience the unique opportunities to interact with animals and wildlife by volunteering at a shelter or with a local wildlife rehabilitator. Whispering Willow Wildcare in Altamont is always looking for responsible volunteers to assist with the care of numerous wild and wonderful animals including skunks, possum, owls, hawks and more!

5. Have a party! You know you will be celebrating anyway. Booking an Inner Queens party for Women in the month of May will benefit animals, wild and domesticated. A portion of proceeds from any Inner Queens party booked in May will be donated to Guilderhaven, inc. a local non profit that supports  animals and their people by assisting with vet bills, spay neuter costs, and rehabilitating wildlife, and more. Contact Angela Kaufman, Your 21st Century Relationship Psychic and learn more about booking this unique Ladies’ Night party and helping animals at the same time. moonlighttarotllc.com/queens-tarot-party-purpose/ or trionfi78@gmail.com