Animal Angels- Heroes to Local Animals Need Your Help

Like most people, I didn’t know about Guilderhaven inc. until I needed them. A close friend and casualty of the recent recession was struggling to find work. In spite of her best efforts, her unemployment ran out before she was able to secure a new job. She was living on very little food, and what she did have she gave to her cats first. Friends and I did what we could to help out, but clearly this was not a sustainable situation. One day, desperate to find some kind of help, but not hopeful that any help was out there, I began calling Vet’s offices, asking if any agencies helped with short term food relief for animals. I was told to call Guilderhaven, inc.

Sue Green from Guilderhaven made arrangements to drop off food to me the next day, since I was closer than my friend’s home. I expected a small tupperware dish or maybe a sandwich baggie with some food in it, and was excited even at that prospect. Instead, Sue, hefted two giant bags of food out of the trunk of her car and said “call us again when your friend is low on cat food.”

I felt like I just met Batman.

My friend was overjoyed as well. A huge burden had been lifted and without the daunting anxiety of how she would care for her beloved cats, she was able to sleep a little better at night. She has since found a job and I have since become determined to help Guilderhaven inc in any way I can.

The sad truth is, people don’t know about this organization until they need help, which does not help when an organization requires donations and volunteer work to thrive. Not only does this organization offer low cost spay/neuter programs and food and vet bill assistance, they also have wildlife rehabilitation services. Imagine a group that is part wild west cowboy (and girls) and part social services for animals, and you get the picture.

They host several fundraisers throughout the year and are always looking for donations for their raffles. A future fundraiser at Glennpeter Jewelers in Colonie on May 5th (Cinco de Meow) is a great opportunity to help this agency.

Another opportunity to help Guilderhaven, and celebrate, is to host an Inner Queens Party in the month of May. Hosting an Inner Queens party gives your girlfriends a unique empowerment experience for women. Described as “fun, surprising, encouraging, inspiring” you will never see yourself or your girlfriends the same once you have met your Inner Queen. A portion of proceeds from parties booked in May will go to Guilderhaven, inc. so they can continue to be Guardian Angels to the animals in the Capital District. For more information visit