Ever Feel Alone (Because You Know We’re NOT Alone)?

Maybe I am blessed (or cursed) with the ability to carelessly blurt out what I am thinking or feeling without too much concern for whether it makes me sound off balance. Maybe I am blessed (no maybe about it, I am blessed) to have met a number of spiritually aware people who helped shape my own development and were not afraid of the unique drum beat they marched to. Maybe the shift in awareness is causing more of us to awaken and come forward- speaking about experiences that years ago would have been kept hidden even from our own awareness, out of fear of being called “crazy”.

Whatever the reason, I can’t help notice how many people have shared their conflicted feelings over beliefs in Spirit contact and Psychic Phenomenon. Every day I am reminded that for many people, the subject is a source of fascination, and fear. People tell me about wonderful and meaningful encounters with Spirit and then shyly look around and say “but you might think I’m crazy” and in a single sentence devalue the blessing of the experience of Spirit connection.

I am not at all surprised at how many people are coming forward to talk about their Spiritual encounters- in fact I am surprised it has taken so long! After all we are all psychic. That’s right, we are all intuitive, connected, whatever you want to call it. What surprises me is the level of guilt, shame, fear, self doubt and self judgment that accompanies these admissions. It is as if the people sharing their experiences are recounting stories of having committed a crime, rather than sharing the beautiful experience of reconnecting with a loved one in Spirit.

Fortunately our culture is growing more aware of the realms and possibilities beyond the physical. Fortunately the media is normalizing discussion of Spirit contact and psychic phenomenon. Unfortunately, the media does not always portray a realistic picture of just how normal and ordinary these experiences are, albeit in an “extraordinary” kind of way.

Spiritual Encounters, Mediumship, Psychic Phenomenon and Premonitions are still shrouded in mystery and controversy, and perhaps some people prefer it that way. After all if everyone were awakened to the power of their own intuition, many more answers would be derived through the wisdom within, and where would that leave the people whose power and wealth require others to seek answers outside of themselves?

The shift in awareness is happening and has been felt by people who would count themselves believers, as well as those who consider themselves skeptics. Here are a few signs of your own intuition at work:

  • You have a hunch that something out of the ordinary would, or should, occur. Following it saves you time, energy, money, or stress, ignoring it leads you to wish you hadn’t.
  • You think of an old friend and they call out of the blue, or you know someone is about to call before the phone rings- or you start to answer the phone before it rings!
  • You sense a changing of tides at work or within a relationship for no logical reason.
  • You decide at the last minute to take a detour in your travel and avoid an accident
  • You have a feeling someone who has passed on is around but can’t see or hear them.

If you recognize any of these phenomenon, your intuition is at work. If you don’t recognize them, you may need a bit more encouragement to awaken your intuition.

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