3 Ways Trusting Your Gut Can Change, or Save, Your Life

What is the first thing you do when you have a question?

If you are like most people, you may “Google it” to find the answer. You may also consult popular opinion on social media or even call family or friends for advice if you are really “old fashioned”. Most of us don’t trust our own navigation without GPS, place more faith in the stock market than in our own financial discretion and consult the opinion of celebrity experts online before forming opinions about health, career or money.

But what about your own internal guidance? You know, the “GPS” system we are all born with that gives us a hunch that we may be lost, or closer to our goals than we thought? Facebook and Google Analytics can help you track who is following you online, but what about the guides that “follow” you throughout your life, giving inklings of intuition- leave a few minutes early, there may be traffic, turn right instead of left, call mom, she is thinking of you…etc?

We are all intuitive and even psychic. Whether you intend to give psychic messages like celebrities on TV or whether you just want to know where to look for guidance to personal problems, listening to your gut feelings can be life altering and even life saving.

I was 6 when the Albany NY area was hit by an unusually powerful winter storm…in October. Long before I knew anything about psychic abilities or Spirit Guides, I knew one thing. There was snow outside, school was cancelled and I wanted to go out and play. It took some effort on my part to beg my parents to let me out in the yard to play in the snow that morning, and as eager as I was to break loose, within moments of setting foot in the yard I was overcome by an urge to go back inside. It wasn’t too cold, I was dressed for the weather, I simply felt compelled to return to the house. As soon as I re-entered the house a giant tree limb fell in the area I had been playing. I attribute that change in motivation to a subtle gut feeling that was my Spirit Guides at work.

Perhaps it is knowing who will call before the phone rings, or sensing danger ahead, perhaps it is having a good nose for investments or a hunch about honesty in relationships, whatever the form, you can probably name a handful of times your intuition has served you well.

So why not develop it further?

Here are some advantages of developing your intuition for the sake of personal growth.

Improved confidence. None of us have all the answers to everything, not even psychics! When intuition is developed however, you gain a sense of security even when you don’t know what will happen next. You learn that the answers are out there and if you don’t have them, you may be able to find them, and if you can’t find them, you will know the right move when the time comes. Highly reassuring in such rapidly changing times.

Less stress. Logic doesn’t always prevail. There may be no rational reason to leave 20 minutes early for an appointment only 5 minutes away, but how many times has a gut instinct told you to be prepared for a delay- if you listened, you avoided a traffic snarl, if you downplayed your intuition, you were left with a frustrating 40 minute commute that should have only taken 5 minutes, cursing the whole time because you had a feeling something would go wrong.

Critical business guidance. Intuitive business owners have a sense when the tides are turning. Life does not always follow a logical pattern that can be guessed based on statistics. When an otherwise reliable client backs out of a deal, when customers don’t respond to a new product as predicted and when other unforeseen circumstances cause disruption in your business plan, having a developed sense of intuition can help you navigate changes that impact your company’s future. Savvy business owners historically knew this and some of the most successful business leaders had quite well developed intuition by whatever name they called it. Their 6th sense helped keep them on the cutting edge, anticipating what was needed in a changing world. Any of Napolean Hill’s classic works on leadership and success outline steps for business and personal advancement from a standpoint of developed intuition.

Better relationships. If business doesn’t always follow a logical process, love and relationships most certainly don’t! Intuition in relationships provides confidence, empathy, awareness and nurturing on a greater scale. Part of the emotional bond that solidifies relationships beyond the realm of purely intellectual interest is in fact an intuitive process. Developing your intuition helps you fine tune the “radar” that signals not only the feelings of others, but also the relationships that may play an influential role in your life that otherwise might be overlooked.

When taking a class over the summer I met a woman who caught my attention. I actually thought I already knew her, but after initial introduction found out we had never met before. Regardless, we became fast friends and every time we contact each other the other we both have the same reaction “its so funny you called me, I was just about to call you!” Something subtle yet intuitive made me notice her in a class of 20 people and made me feel a connection that had me convinced I knew her from somewhere, and perhaps on some level this is true!

Developing your intuition is not as cumbersome as you may think, nor does it require adherence to any specific religion. As a natural extension of our 5 physical senses, I do not believe that developing intuition contradicts any religious teachings as well.

If you are in the Saratoga NY area and would like to learn useful and simple strategies to awaken your intuition, reserve your spot at Practical Intuition workshop 12/9/14 6:30 pm at Namaste Yoga Saratoga NY. Tickets $30.00 each limited seating RSVP by contacting Angela at trionfi78@gmail.com or 513 622 9178.