The Merits of Sheep

Based on true events…



We refer to those who follow as Sheep.

But in New Zealand last summer, as flood waters rose, Wild Rabbits found Sanctuary

On the backs of a nearby herd of Sheep.

The Sheep did not buck

And cast the refugees from their backs.

They did not sell them into slavery.

Nor did they plot to sell the Rabbits out to the Farmer, hoping soft Rabbit fur would create a diversion and keep their wool safe from the Invisible Shears of Capitalism.

They did not argue amongst themselves about the threat of harboring fugitive Rabbits, who are known to be quick and sly,

Nor did they threaten to build a wall to keep the Rabbits out.

There was no self righteous talk shaming of the Rabbits for their fecundity, nor accusations that they had birthed more children than they could afford to feed.

No rhetoric about the wild nature of Rabbits corrupting the domesticity of Sheeplife.

No declaration that the influx of Rabbits would threaten their supply of food, no insistence that the Rabbits grovel before them in gratitude, or work harder to be more Sheep-ish.

There was no debate about the viability of providing Sanctuary, no plans to force the Rabbits into indentured-servitude to pay their debt to the Sheep.

The fact that the Rabbits may or may not have been as white as the Sheep did not come into play.

There was no plan to tax the Rabbits for rescue services.

No fear that the Sheep would drown, hindered by the extra weight on their backs.

Perhaps we need another term for those who don’t know the difference

Between being saved and being fleeced.