Tarot Series at Halfmoon Massage Select Dates April- Nov.

Tarot Series

  1. Working with the Major Arcana- archeytypal life lessons in the 22 Major cards. Learn how to recognize the energies and form a personalized relationship with the 22 Major cards. Focus is on instruction and intuitive connection more than memorization. Learn the secrets to connecting with the Major cards.
  2. Working with the Minor Arcana- learn the tricks and secrets to understanding intuitively what each of the 56 Minor cards means and how to work with them in a Tarot Reading.
  3. Ethics in Tarot and other Psychic Readings. Tarot can open a door to the unknown, but what ethical considerations should precede the use of Tarot and divination? Learn about traps to avoid and develop a deeper understanding of when to use- and not use- divination for growth and awakening.
  4. Timing and Tarot- take your Tarot reading skills to the next level. Learn simple, effective secrets to work with Tarot to predict events within specific time frames. Explore the benefits and limitations of bringing timing into a reading, and more!

Each class is $30 per class or $100 if you commit to the entire series at once. Also you will receive $10 off an hour long Intuitive Reading in person at Halfmoon massage during any of the Intuitive Tarot events with Angela.

Class 1 April 5th 2-4

Class 2 June 28th 2-4

Class 3 August 16th 2-4

Class 4 November 8th 2-4

Tickets are listed by class date, or select all four classes. Please choose the ticket for the class(es) you wish to take.

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