Trans-Atlantic Swimmer Proves Success Begins in the Mind

While pondering a complicated task I am working on, I had the great fortune of catching a radio interview with Benoit Lecomte, the man who swam across the Atlantic ocean and is embarking on another journey, this time from Japan to California.

He outlined his schedule, 8 hours of swimming and then taking shelter on a boat overnight to eat and rest, and begin his trek again where he left off in the water the following day. The journey should take about 6 months.

And I thought I had challenges coming up! ocean

In spite of the threat of cold, boredom and sharks, Lecomte emphasized that success on his journey begins with having the correct mindset. He explained that rather than dwelling on the task of crossing the ocean, he imagines he is swimming in a pool which moves with him. He also described the mental discipline he uses to keep focused and motivated. While at sea, he breaks down his time and gives himself a mental focus. He may focus his awareness on a pleasant family memory, for example. We hear more and more about the power of visualization in  success and this man’s quest has already proven the efficacy of this tool once.

He also has a very important reason for taking the plunge, and it isn’t to show off his swimming skills. Lecomte is concerned about lack of environmental stability and sustainability. When asked about the threat of sharks, he responded in a practical way, explaining that man has depleted the sea of large fish for sharks to eat and that the presence of sharks will be a part of the journey, not an abstract possibility. This is precisely the reason he is going off the deep end. Lecomte is passionate about drawing attention to the critical ways we have abused natural resources and the dire straits this creates for the world.

So the lesson from Benoit Lecomte that I come away with are:

  • Make your passion the center of your quest
  • Be prepared
  • Break the quest down to small steps and keep it in the moment.
  • Use visualization and imagination to your benefit

So glad I heard this story, now if you will excuse me, I am off on a mission!


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