Sun Sign Guide to Holiday Harmony Sneak Peek

Wondering how you will survive another holiday gathering with the less enlightened?

Sun Sign Guide to Holiday Harmony ebook coverWorried about temptation and holiday weight gain or going over budget?

Take a peek at some of the lessons from Astrology to help anyone conquer common holiday traps. This new book and accompanying audio program are a practical resource for navigating holiday hang ups by understanding the core motivations and strengths of each Sign of the Zodiac. Here is a sample of various parts of the ebook…



Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and as this suggests, their energy can be like that of a first born child. Eager, curious, brave, outgoing, and youthful in spite of age. Those born with Sun in Aries are forever young, like the “Peter Pan” character…Aries naturally take charge, so if you are a visitor at someone else’s holiday celebration, power struggles can emerge. Explore ways to bring your power house of dynamic energy to ignite the fires of passion, warmth and celebration, rather than focusing on differences, conflict and power struggles…”

“Taurus appreciates the value of money and things and will often try to say “I love you” through giving gifts, especially gifts of a high value (and price tag). Losing sight of the fact that gifts are nice, but it is the love, bond and emotional connection which people really desire.”


“One of your greatest gifts is that of creative use of words, Gemini, so while you may feel the social pressure to spend on gifts, don’t overlook the real value of written cards to loved ones. Write stories or poems, or create your own greeting cards for those you love.”


“You are sensitive to others’ feelings, and will do well to remind yourself that other people have a right to their feelings, even if those feelings are not happy.

You may find peace and serenity by using the holidays as a time to celebrate home and family, both concepts which have many variations and do not need to be held to the standard set by one particular example. ”


You know the saying “all that glitters is gold?” a Leo probably said it first! You are drawn toward power, leadership and regal energy and can easily become entrenched in the holiday sparkle even when it takes you on a detour from your true mission and integrity. On the one hand, Leo will feel at home in the atmosphere of lights, shiny objects and luxury that permeates much of the commercialized side of the season. It is not because Leo is “materialistic”, but rather because Leo is ruled by the energy of the Sun and anything that bears resemblance to the vital, shimmering, fiery energy (burning Yule logs, Holiday Lights, Shiny decorations, candle- lit family dinners) is a scene perfectly set for Leo….”


You are happy when you are busy so when you are feeling stressed, plan on having a puzzle, a book to read, a crocheting project or a house to clean because this helps you work out your stress. Virgo also tends to emphasize health and wellness and you can keep your body healthy and invigorated through dietary choices and by making healthy substitutions for traditional holiday meals.

Since you are a planner you will likely avoid a number of the holiday stressors others succumb to, however you tend to give in to stressors which are projections of your anxieties and fears. Especially in family gatherings, parties and social situations it can be difficult for you to find peace and joy when something is amiss, whether that is a difference in opinion with others, or a picture hanging crooked on the wall. “


“Did you ever have to make up your mind? Enlist the help of a Virgo or Aries friend, because for Libra, making decisions can be an arduous task. So what to make for the family dinner or holiday party, what to get as a gift for who and which parties to attend and which to skip can be agonizing choices for you, Libra.

Libra wants to include everyone and wants everything to be harmonious, beautiful and balanced. Therefore it can be very difficult for Libra to limit themselves when time, energy and money are concerned.…..”


“Scorpio, because your parent’s likely discouraged you from an obsession that was too dangerous or too adult for you, and because you no doubt only grew to crave the object of your desire even more, your energy corresponds with the adorable young Ralphie from A Christmas Story.”

And Scorpio, because you love mystery, I am going to keep the rest concealed, you will have to buy the ebook to get the full scoop on Scorpio!

To learn more check out the Sun Sign Guide to Holiday Harmony available here.