Interview with Shaheen Miro, Creator of the Lunar Nomad Oracle and artist behind Queen Up!

I was so impressed by Shaheen Miro’s depiction of the Queens for Queen Up! I had to check out his other work. As it happens, Shaheen has created his own deck and book available for pre-order now and in stores March 1st. He has created the Lunar Nomad Oracle, and the images are stunning! Can’t wait for the deck to arrive in the mail.

I wanted to know more about Shaheen’s vision and the person behind the beautiful artwork, and Shaheen agreed to an interview. Here is  a look at the super talented Spiritual Nomad, Shaheen Miro!


  1. What are some of the cultural influences and traditions that inform your work as a Spiritual Nomad?

My spirit is drawn to so many cultures and traditions. I see spirituality, magic and self-empowerment as art, an evolving commentary on our personal journey and evolution. For me folk traditions have become integral to my practice from African American root-work and conjure to Catholic folk traditions of saint veneration and ceremony. I am half-Kurdish on my father’s side and I grew up in a very open-minded household where magic, tarot and intuition were always open topics of discussion. My mother immersed me in Tarot as a young child… we treated the cards like a moving picture book. I’ve spent my childhood at Native American powwows, pagan Sabbat celebrations and drum circles. And I’ve had a strong circle of powerful women in my life who’ve served as guides, mentors, and mothers on so many levels.

  1. How did you come to understand your Intuition? What was the catalyst(s) for you to develop your gifts into a career helping others?

Like many of us I came into this world wide open! As a child I could see, hear and feel things that most people couldn’t. I was fortunate enough to have a mother and a grandmother with a deep understanding of intuition, psychic abilities and the unseen world. So I was never dissuaded out of owning my gifts. My mother always taught me to trust my feelings and to pull at the threads to see where they could take me. I began learning Tarot around 5 years old as a way to house my psychic abilities and from there it became a life long journey. Sometimes I feel like intuition is my second language! Unfortunately many of us are conditioned out of our gifts… whatever they may be. Which is a sad disservice to society because I believe we all come here with a special view of the world to share and empower each other. I knew from a young age that I was meant to use my abilities to help people heal and find their own personal power. And it’s an ongoing process. As I grow, my “gift” begins to show up in new and exciting ways. There’s something powerful about finding your voice and trusting the process of its unfolding.

  1. Your artwork is amazing and inspiring! Do you do anything special to prepare to create your artwork?

Thank you, Angela! I approach art and creative work in the same way that I do any kind of intuitive work because I have discovered that art and intuition are sister experiences… or maybe they are the exact same thing. When I sit down to create I begin with intention, I allow myself to become still and I slip into that dreamy, fluid space I call the Lunar Side. From there I just let the spirit of creativity move me. You could say that I channel what I create… I think we all do. I feel like we actually discover our art, rather than create it. If you are willing to be brave and curious you’ll find your process as well.



  1. How does the Lunar Nomad Oracle differ from Tarot, traditional Lenormand, or other types of Oracle Cards? What is your vision for this Oracle, who is it for and how does it work?

The Lunar Nomad Oracle was created for the mystical traveler. So many people are hungry for magic, for healing and self-empowerment. The oracle is a system, a key, a door and a container for your own inner wisdom and magic to come alive. Built on the bones of a traditional Lenormand the oracle has a clear “alphabet” of symbols to help you unlock those creative, intuitive forces that are already inside of you. And like Tarot there are layers of images, symbolism and atmosphere for your imagination to drink in and draw out your own wisdom. I’m going to be bold enough to say that this is a rebellious deck… a new take on a cartomancy that puts the power back in your hands and allows you to be the lunar nomad on a journey. My most sincere intention is for people to experience the latent potential that is inside all of us and to take it to the streets!

  1. I love that you blend esoteric and pragmatic. Do you have any interests or hobbies that would surprise the average person’s preconceptions of “Spiritual” workers?

I have many interests from music to fashion. My education is Fashion Design and I bring a lot of that perspective into my work. I believe that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. So when you create an atmosphere around you with the clothes you wear and the places you inhabit you tap into your deep magic and begin to tell your most authentic story. I’m not sure if that will surprise people, but I do think it blends two seemingly disconnected worlds together. Outside of that I love a shameless night of karaoke. Nothing beats the feeling of being on a flight to somewhere new. I’m not a huge fan of driving. And some of my favorite influences are musicians… Stevie Nicks, Courtney Love, Erykah Badu. I tend to find magic in what most might see as ordinary.

  1. How would you describe the “Lunar Side” and why is it beneficial for women- and men- to connect with their Lunar Side?

Your Lunar Side is the fluid part of your where your creativity, intuition and magic live. You might call it your imagination or place of wonder. It’s the child-like sense that we all have, and most of have closed off. Because we live in a world so ruled by the logical and in dire need of the mystical. People are feeling anxious, depressed, lost and completely edged out of their own identities because we are inundated by so much noise and opposition from the outside world… there is a need to slip out of heads and back into the nourishing waters of our souls. Creating The Lunar Nomad Oracle is my invitation for people to explore the potential that is already inside of them. And that can look like whatever it is for you! There are no rules on the Lunar Side… this isn’t about New Age angels and chakra fluff… unless you want it to be… the Lunar Side is the raw, creative force that pulses through all of us just waiting to spring up and take root. When you tap into your lunar self you heal the disconnect between your identity and how you show up in the world… it is beyond gender, sexuality or race. To quote Gaga, “My artpop could mean anything”.

  1. What is your favorite media to use in creating your artwork?

I am a mixed media artist. Working with different layers from watercolor to collage allows me to explore the ins and outs of my creative discovery. Working digitally is one of my favorite methods for creating collage because I can capture more nuances with layers of light, color and transparency.

  1. Who has inspired your work as an artist and/or Intuitive Coach?

Sometimes I feel like I am on inspiration overload. Walking down the street inspires me. Stories inspire me. And people inspire me. If I were to name one person it would be Stevie Nicks. She is a timeless, ephemeral woman with a connection to something unseen and sensitive. Most people just recognize her voice and her contribution to music. But I recognize her spirit, her ability to tell a deep story and still leave enough space for us to imagine ourselves as part of the narrative.