“Queening Up” at a Place Named for the Spirit of Women

The Adirondack region holds many gems for residents and tourists. One such treasure is Wiawaka Center for Women, a retreat space and refuge for women needing nourishment, connection and an escape from the stresses of life.

The need to retreat into nature for clarity is not a new desire. During a more industrial time in the Capital District, Wiawaka was created as a haven for women who toiled in cities like Troy NY, and who could otherwise not have afforded a holiday in the country. Today Wiawaka continues the tradition of providing a high energy, soul level nurturing, experience for women from all walks of life.

The name Wiawaka is also reported to be a term created to express the unique strength and spirit of womanhood. An essential energy of femininity.

For this and many other reasons, it was an honor to be able to bring the Mystical Path to Empowerment system to Wiawaka last weekend.

The system shows modern mainstream women how to align with various elemental energies to discover their Inner Queen, the culmination of various strengths, qualities as well as the voice of intuition. A group of twelve women gathered from all over the Adirondacks, VT and the Capital Region. Women of various ages and backgrounds with a few things in common.

Each was facing transition, struggling to realign their sense of purpose and connection. Each was well aware of the power of old name tags handed to them by family and society. Many were trying to embrace new roles in relationships with adult children. Some were struggling to honor their inner wisdom and sense of passion despite families or institutions in which their inner light was not honored. Some were starting life over….again, and trying to make the best out of extremely difficult losses.

Together, we validated, supported and encouraged each other.  More than just talking about empowerment, we embarked on a journey to call in the powers within nature and ourselves. Personal alchemy contributed to an amazing group vibe.

Participants expanded into an awareness of the many ways that energy can shift and align with changing needs and difficult times. The tools we explored were not dependent on the beautiful energy of Wiawaka, (though it sure helped to be in a serene setting) but are intended to be portable and practical.

We shared a great deal. We laughed together, at times, and some deep emotions were brought to the surface at other times. We found a deep sense of unity and personal power and this was one of the most intense Inner Queen workshops so far. A truly magickal experience!

Feedback from the event brought up one repeating complaint:

Not enough time!

Participants wished we could have stayed longer, delved deeper and gotten more in depth into the connection to the Inner Queen and to each other.

A need I have also anticipated for some time. This fall for the first time ever, an intensive Inner Queen Mystical Path to Empowerment Course is being offered at Namaste Yoga. Space is very limited and seats have already begun to fill. If this is the experience you have been called to, register today. Click here for registration and details.