Queen Up! Workshop at Pixie’s Intent, Houston Tx Aug. 4th


Metaphysical meets modern to help you reconnect with your powers of creativity, confidence, passion and abundance.

Recognize and embrace the four elemental energies within ourselves and in nature, as personified by the Tarot Queens.

Although this program borrows from the Tarot on an archetypal level, it is not a Tarot class. It is a reinvention of archetypal cosmology designed to help participants expand beyond society’s labels and live in connection with intuition.

  • Learn to recognize and harness the four core powers within so you may thrive in any situation.
  • Gain practical tools to align with the forces of love, abundance, confidence and intuition.
  • Learn which archetypal energy has shaped personality, attitudes and motivation, and discover how to tap in to their latent sources of power to ride life’s changing tides.

 All levels are welcome, Tarot experience not necessary.

Class fee is $25. Payment may be made at the shop. We accept cash, credit cards or Pay Pal Payment may also be made via Pay Pal