Queen Up! Weekend Intensive at SoulJourney, Butler NJ May 4th & 5th

Building on the basis of the Queen Up! system, Intuitive Empowerment Coach and Author Angela Kaufman takes you on a journey to become more intimately connected with the archetypal energies of the four Tarot Queens.

Queen Up! Intensive- Powers of Creativity & Confidence Day 1- Saturday May 4th

Do you doubt your creativity, suffer from creative blocks or feel stifled when you try to express yourself? Do you second guess yourself, get into power struggles with others, or wish you had a clear sense of purpose, direction and confidence?

These are a few of the areas corresponding to the Tarot Queens of Wands and Swords. In this class you will learn metaphysical and practical strategies to align with the powers of each of these Queens for personal transformation and manifestation.

There is a Creative Mentor (Queen of Wands) and Passionate Crusader (Queen of Swords) in all of us. Learn how to work with these dynamic energies for personal growth. Angela Kaufman, Intuitive Empowerment Coach and author of Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down- Unleash the Power of Your Inner Tarot Queen (Conari, 2018) will teach an in depth exploration of each of the archetypal Tarot Queens over the course of the weekend.

Queen Up! Intensive Day 2- Powers of Emotional healing, love, attraction and abundance (Queen of Cups and Pentacles).

Delve deeper into the divine Feminine energy represented by the Queens of Cups and Pentacles. Learn the secrets to powerful attraction both for relationships and abundance. Discover ways to align with the archetypal energy of the Queen of Cups to heal emotional wounds, attract and harmonize relationships, and enhance your intuition.

The Queen of Pentacles helps us to attract abundance, wealth, health and success in business. Work with these two archetypal energies on both a practical and spiritual level for personal transformation.

Discussion, exercises and guided meditations will be part of this class.

We each have the capacity for physical and emotional healing. We all hold the power of unconditional love and intuition. We have the ability to create abundance and prosper.

Each of us has within us the powers of the Queen of Cups (Divine Love and Healing) and Queen of Pentacles (Stability and Abundance)

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