Discover the Power of Your Inner Queen Workshop & Intuitive Readings at Circles of Wisdom Methuen, MA, 11/13 &11/14

Discover the Power of Your Inner Queen


Are you experiencing life transitions causing you to wonder “Who am I? Where am I going? What do I do now?”


Metaphysical meets modern to help you reconnect with their powers of creativity, confidence, passion and abundance.

Recognize and embrace the four elemental energies within themselves and in nature, as personified by the Tarot Queens. Although this program borrows from the Tarot on an archetypal level, it is not a Tarot class. Queen Up helps modern women expand beyond society’s labels and live in connection with their inner wisdom.  This workshop is appropriate for those who wish to connect with aspects of the Divine Feminine within us all.

Each Queen represents a different aspect of yourself and your life. Learn to connect with each Queen to harness their power and bring positive change into your life.

  • Learn to recognize and harness the four core powers within- Creativity, Confidence, Love and Abundance
  • Discover tools to shift our energy so you may thrive in any situation.
  • Learn which archetypal energy has shaped personality, attitudes and motivation, and discover how to tap in to their latent sources of power to ride life’s changing tides.

No experience necessary, all levels are welcome, this system teaches tools for managing personal energy combined from many different traditions with a fresh modern twist. The workshop is appropriate for both professionals and the general public.

This workshop is facilitated by Angela Kaufman, Intuitive Empowerment Coach and author of Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down- Unleash the Power of Your Inner Tarot Queen (Conari, 2018).

Registration $20 per person


Participants can purchase a copy of Queen Up! in advance but prior reading is not required.

Register at or

Circles of Wisdom
386 Merrimack St. Methuen, MA 01844


Private Intuitive Readings with Angela Kaufman 11/14 10-2 and 4-7pm. 30 or 60 minutes.


The future is not a destination to which we arrive, but a process which we create with the energy of the present.

What goals do you wish to bring to fruition? Explore the path ahead with insight from an Intuitive/Tarot reading with Angela Kaufman.

Angela’s reading style blends connection with Spirit with insight from the Tarot. Please bring an object worn or used by you, which Angela will hold during your session.  She will address specific questions you have using a combination of Tarot and intuition.

Please come prepared with specific questions or topic of interest in mind, as this helps focus the energy of the reading and ensure the most useful guidance. Appointments will be available for daytime and evening sessions on 11/14. 30 minutes $60 or 60 minutes $100.

Contact Circles of Wisdom to register.