Are You a Light Worker or a Lite Worker?


Whether you are a Reiki Practitioner, Psychic, Healer, Shaman, Massage Therapist, Intuitive Coach, whether your job is to provide guidance, or to answer phones in an office and serve food…

Whether you are called to be a writer, teacher, artist, musician, or custodian….

Whether you have a college degree, high school degree, or no degree….

If you see it as your mission and calling to provide support to others in the world, to be a beacon of light so others can find their way, or a safe harbor to allow others to process life’s storms, you are a Light Worker.

So this means you can’t use bad language, have to meditate 4 hours per day, and avoid extreme temperatures, unsavory conversations, low vibrational people and situations, dust, MSG, and parabens, right?


Ok, well I don’t know about the dust, parabens and MSG, but at the risk of bringing all our vibrations down a few notches, there are a few things I need to ask to help us all clear the air…..

What does it really mean to be a Light Worker?

Because I hear a lot of talk these days about the myriad ickies of the Third Dimensional World that bring us down and harsh our energy mellows and that are generally to be avoided….all these “dark” things like politics, like current events, like “toxic” people and the subjects you aren’t supposed to talk about on a first date, at the dinner table, or ever, apparently….

Somehow the rumor got started that being a Light Worker means staying where it is Light. Where the energy is high and the flow is euphoric….

Somewhere on our path as healers did we take a detour into Dorothy’s field of Poppies? (Poppies!…Poppies!…Poppies!)

Healthy people don’t need healers. Places teeming with love and light might appeal to us as Light Workers, but is this where we are needed?

Light Workers are given tools to be catalysts for healing and often a ton of their own crap to sort out and heal from, so that they can be a part of the process for others. This

Changes which are not likely to happen on a beach under clear blue skies at perfect 80 degree temperatures. Changes which require the excavation of muddy, dirty, cruddy, painful stuff. 

Light Workers are needed in times and places of darkness.

Then there are the Lite Workers. Those of us who want to be all spiritual and loving…under the right circumstances. When and where it is comfortable. When we feel like it. When there is nothing else more important going on. When the wounds are polite, tidy, and easily bandaged. We want to heal the Earth but don’t want to get our hands and feet dirty. We want to heal those in need but don’t want to get too close lest their wounds, or dense energy contaminate us. We want to send “light and love” from a safe distance because showing up might require us to get gunk on our own auras. 

The Lite Workers who want the diet, caffeine free, version of the Quest, who value bliss over service and believe ignorance is bliss. Who seek the spiritual to escape rather than to transcend, serve and heal. 

We need more Light Workers as 2017 approaches so ask yourself, will you be a Light Worker or a Lite Worker?