Intuition in Bloom at Spring Spirit Immersion Circle

Namaste Yoga has been home to Sundays with Spirit Mediation and Messages since December of 2015. It has been my pleasure to collaborate with Namaste’s owner, Susan Cuda, on a number of events including this monthly event providing a sacred sanctuary to people seeking deeper Spirit connection. The recurring event combines guided meditation structured to awaken the intuitive senses and raise  personal energy to a high vibration, along with healing and facilitating contact with Spirit guides, teachers and loved ones who have passed into Spirit.

From the beginning, this event has been very popular. The gathering of 6-8 people fills the space at the serene Victorian Namaste Yoga in Saratoga Springs and the historic atmosphere filled with good vibes from years of being a yoga studio and spiritual center, adds to the heightened awareness of more than the physical realm. During March’s gathering, the majority of the seven participants were able to contribute their own intuitive messages and or observations. Only one had prior training in psychic development, the rest were frequent attendees to this circle and are reaping the benefits of their heightened awareness and Spirit immersion.

Another benefit of attending these gatherings is the connection with guides and loved ones in Spirit. One participant was able to connect to a relative she had not known during his life. In fact, this made it tricky to identify who this individual was at first, as commonly happens in circles. This gentleman Spirit came through very strong as a very tall man, a grandfather who was a captain, and whose relocation established his family in new territory, as if referencing an immigration experience. I relayed that this person was very powerful but did not flaunt it and was courageous but also humble. The circle participant responded that she has a brother in Spirit with military experience.  Now, how great would it be to say “Yes! This is him! puzzle solved!”……but there is a catch. It wasn’t him and this Spirit was gently insisting we stick with “Grandfather” role, that she did not get to know him in this lifetime, but that he was with her and had a message for her.

You see it isn’t about me, or who I think would be the best person to come through, its about Spirit and who comes through and how they identify and what they want us to know.

Fortunately this client has a good understanding of this process and was able to be open minded.

A few days after the gathering she emailed this to me (posted with her permission).

” I asked one of my older aunties (she is my dad’s sister) about her grandfather. He was a German merchant marine who came to Dominican Republic in a ship. So, right there is the “captain” My auntie told me that he was a very tall man and even though he was kind, a courageous type of guy but keep his accomplishments to himself. Just the way that you describe him. I am so happy to know that an ancestor “in spirit” is looking out for me.”

You never know who will come through in a circle, and because those who come to this event are awakening to their own intuition, we are doing more than giving and receiving messages, we are cultivating relationships with those in Spirit to help us grow and expand even outside of the message circles.

If you would like to share in the healing and awakening experience our next Sundays with Spirit circle is May 22. Spaces are limited and tickets are already selling fast, to reserve your spot click here.