When Life Brings You Surprises

Bring On The Party!

 Your Inner Queen has a powerful message for you...

An Exclusive Ladies’ Night Experience, Workshop, or Personal Coaching Program, the Inner Queen system will teach you how to align your four core powers, connect to your intuition, creativity, confidence, love and abundance. Discover your strengths, overcome obstacles.

                                                                          Life gets messy, learn to Queen Up!


  • Tap in to creativity, courage, love and abundance

  • Build a lasting connection to your intuition

  • Receive empowering messages from your Inner Queen

  • Learn the tools to work with your intuition and higher self

Contact Angela to reserve a date for your Inner Queen Ladies' Night for the Enlightened Woman.  intuitiveangela@gmail.com or call 513 622 9178.

Gather a group of 5- 10 of your friends! (Larger groups can be accommodated).

Get ready for an eye-opening experience!