You think you know who you are

You have a life plan and then....


The universe has very different plans for you.

You find yourself in the midst of transition, loss, crisis, feeling stuck, unsatisfied, restless.

When Life gets messy, its time to Queen Up.

The Inner Queen program teaches women like you to tap into the four core sources of power within and discover who you really are when the old rules and titles no longer apply.

When you know your Inner Queen you will feel more confident. Tap into your true source of Passion, Creativity, Joy, Love, Intuition, and Abundance.

Discover Your Inner Queen and you will learn to tap into your powers of intuition, creativity, confidence, love and abundance. Learn to trust yourself, discover what you are really made of, unleash your inner power.

Align with your Higher Self through the power of your Inner Queen.

Inner Queen Workshops, Presentations, Parties, Classes and Individual Coaching programs available. For details contact Angela at or 513 622 9178.