New! Moon Power Series at Halfmoon Massage- Align with the Full Moon in Taurus Nov. 3rd

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The Moon represents the Feminine side of us all…

The intuitive, creative, mystical, secretive part of our psyche and Soul.

Step out of the hustle and bustle of the mundane world…

Tap in to your wild, feminine, powerful, lunar nature!

Align with the energies of the New or Full Moon for healing, clearing, intuitive growth, manifestation and more.

This monthly event will be all about the Moon and You!

You will learn:

  • The significance of the specific moon phases during the event
  • How to recognize and access that particular energy
  • How to work with the specific moon phase and astrological placement to enhance your personal goals

No experience necessary, this event will include introductory tutorial, a guided meditation, and brief discussion to share your experience and benefit from the experiences of others.

Participate seated in a chair or lying down if room permits.

Chairs are provided, however yoga mats are not, please bring your own cushions, mat or other accessories for personal comfort. Events will be held on or just prior to the date of New or Full moon, so that you will benefit from the energy building up to these special occasions.

Our first event will be Friday 11/3 6-8 pm- Celebrate the Full Moon in Taurus and harness the energy of abundance, stability and beauty. $20 per person. Must register in advance here.