Discover Your Inner Queen of King April 6th at Namaste Yoga

Join us as we explore our personal relationships to the elemental energies and learn how to access the power of these energies for personal growth and transformation.

Introductory Workshop,  Friday April 6th 2018

Discover Your Inner Queen or King *

This initial workshop is an introduction to the Queen Up! system, which teaches participants to recognize and embrace the four archetypal energies within themselves and in nature, as personified by the Tarot Queens.  These energies correspond to the elements of Air (creativity and communication), Fire (motivation and confidence) Water (relationships and emotion) and Earth (manifestation and abundance).

* While this system and language in the book Queen Up was designed with women in mind, men are invited to take the journey as well to connect to their four core sources of power blending both feminine and masculine energies within themselves and in nature.

Learn to recognize and appreciate the power of the four archetypal Queens.

Gain practical tips to balance and harness this energy for personal empowerment.

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