The Post that Changed My Life…..(In Honor of those who refuse to become “Facebook Fascists”

facebookThis weekend marks a special life changing Anniversary for me…Over the past year or so I have heard many people encourage “Polite” discourse on social media, imploring others to keep their personal, moral or other opinions out of their news feeds…
Well, I would like to thank the people who ignore this advice. I may not agree with what you have to say, but any open forum is a place where ideas should…and if we are to maintain any semblance of Democracy…MUST be shared. How else will any of us learn if we only elect to be privvy to informaiton which feeds our already pre-formed opinions?
The Anniversary I refer to this weekend (Jan. 31st) will mark 365 days since someone I have never met in “Real” life just happened to have the integrity to share a post he found meaningful.
In doing so he broke the “don’t talk about controversial topics on social media” rule, and I am glad he did.
He shared a link to a limited time free viewing of a movie called Speciesism. He did not create the film and I assume received no kickbacks from sharing it.
Having just happened to see the post and figuring “Heck, I love animals, I’ll check this out. Free movie..” I proceeded to stream and have my mind blown away by what I learned from this film.
What started as date night with a free film for Jim Hesch and I turned into a full realization for me that the world we live in is vastly different than what I assumed it to be.
This film was brilliant in its ethical discourse relying on true intellect, not shocking disturbing images and violence etc.
I will not get into all the points made, truly there is no way to do this film justice than to watch it…
Yet it forever changed my feelings towards the farming industry and my own choices which at the time consisted of eating mostly dairy and fish, assuming this was a more “humane” way to get my nutritional needs met.
Although I do hope you check out Speciesism, the point of this post is not to sell you on veganism.
The greater point is to thank you all for sharing. Thank you for sharing important information which serves to educate and liberate. Thank you for not being afraid to “go there” with social media. Thank you for raising tough issues so that we may then become educated and make choices based on reality and not illusion.
Every time we fear sharing information on social media which may be viewed as unpopular or costing us “friends” we are one step closer to fascism.
After watching Speciesism on January 31st 2015 I went to bed with a mindful of food for thought and woke up with no desire to find nutrition from animals again. My life was changed by a Facebook post, the person who shared it still has no idea the ripple effect of his actions. So I invite you all please continue to use social media to create life changing ripple effects to those around you.
Some people will not like it.
Too bad….