Before You Log On for Love 2

A continued look at the natural traps and pitfalls of online dating. Yes this method works for many couples, but keep these points in mind before you log on to look for love.

Everyone Lies at a Job Interview

A friend’s boss once casually remarked about the hiring process “everyone lies at a job interview”. This cynical statement conveyed another way, everyone, both interviewer, and interviewee, put their best face forward. In some cases the best face is a complete mask!

True in the hunt for the perfect job, and the perfect partner. First impressions are important, true, but FALSE impressions are bound to backfire. After all, if you are looking at spending any significant amount of time with someone you will see behind the masks, eventually. So while it is natural for us to show the best of ourselves first, it is unreasonable to project an image of who we think the other person wants to meet. Yet this often happens in the world of cyberdating. Selecting criteria based on dating profiles is tricky for several reasons. People choose how they want to be perceived and create their profile accordingly, sometimes with painstaking effort to make the “perfect” profile.

But the other reason is more insidious. Most of us are terrible at describing ourselves accurately. Rather, we don’t see ourselves objectively. Therefore it is not a person you are getting to know, but a projected image of part who they think they are and part how they wish to be perceived. If, on the other hand, you ordered a red sweater off of Ebay, you know it is a red sweater because it is described in completely objective terms. When selecting from a listing of people, however, you are putting your faith and decision making in the hands of a profile created to project an image which may have little resemblance to the person you meet on a date.

The difference between internet dating and live attraction is that even considering first date attempts at positive first impressions, when you see someone live, you receive a fuller sense of their energy, behavior and personality. You can use your intuition and senses to screen people in live situations more effectively than relying on a website’s filter to segment people who want to be perceived a certain way.

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